ONCEs say that Blinks are always coming on Pann, faking the upvotes and making up rumors but TWICE is still so successful

TWICE’s shocking whereabouts

That fandom is always coming on Pann, faking the upvotes and making up rumors but TWICE is still so successful

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1. [+105, -55] ONCEs-yah, you guys are the ones who started grabbing other groups’ hair, right? Do you really think you’ll get hate if you don’t drag other fandoms and only praise your group?

2. [+82, -27] If you guys quietly praised your singers, do you really think that other fandoms would have anything to say? You guys keep praising your bias while dragging other fandoms, that’s why your group gets hateㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+78, -37] I bet they won’t even make it to the top 3 of the biggest K-pop tours in terms of size, so it’s ridiculous that they’re dragging other groupsㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+76, -27] ONCEs, you should only praise your bias, why are you dragging other fandoms? Is that the tradition of ONCEs? Seriously, your fandom is psychotic ㅠㅠ

5. [+43, -12] TWICE is underrated

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Hmmm….looks like blinks are once again playing their very own victim card yet again. Cause onces are no where to be seen in Korea anywhere. So where do they are getting their so called onces pulling their faves hair agenda from? Its always onces this or onces that. Never we got a brain and a job. Why is that blinks? Got any answers for that? Onces got brains and job that’s why we can see when the scam is happening and when it’s not happening. Can’t expect the same from you. The fandom who literally think 500$ money is valid for a concert ticket should be the last ones to comment on such terms really. Like seriously get educated on how capitalism works. YG really scamming your asses and your here celebrating your ass getting snubbed and looted on the sns with these “achievements”. I can go on and on about you. But I think this much truth is enough for your tiny little brain for today.


You will become “deer caught in the headlights” if you disagree with me. If you have nothing valuable to say please leave.


it’s not just ONCEs saying that. it’s a known fact that pann and every other korean forum is full of SM stans and blinks.

they’re the ones writing hate posts about other groups. they’re the ones spreading deranged rumors about other groups. they’re the ones spreading lies about other groups because they feel threatened by them.

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That’s why onces and overall jyp fans are non-existent in pann cuz it’s filled with delulu blonks, and that’s why we’re getting biased posts abt bp like everyday.


Onces did the same lol. And even if blinks don’t drag twice down and don’t talk sh*t about them, blinks will always win in every arguments that onces are involve. Still blackpink surpasses twice in every corner of the industry.


How? Twice are the bestselling girlgroup in korea, japan and USA. They are the most streamed girlgroup in the 1 and 2 biggest musicmarked. They are the most streamed girlgroup on melon, cheer up is the most streamed song, they have the most daesangs of girlgroups, the most musicshow wins of girlgroups, the most credited songs out of girlgroups, the first to hold a dome tour, the first girlgroup to perform at stadiums, having a lot of youtube views werent a thing until TT was the fastest song to reach 300 million views organically. Everything about them is organically, their growth, their fans, their success. And they get praised left and right for their perfomances. Stop trying to save BP dying relevancy, but then again you people again and again show that you love to get those girls dragged.


I think you are not updated and fyi twice is not organic as group most of their daesang are charity and their pure sales are mostly bought by their company cant even match the stream.


Blinks did the same lol. And even if onces don’t drag bp down and don’t talk sh*t about them, onces will always win in every arguments that blinks are involve. Still Twice surpasses Bp in every corner of the industry.


Have you ever washed your a&& in this lifetime?


blinks always playing the victim card when people have enough of their sht and return their energy.. each and every single time, without fail.. it’s actually quite pathetic to see


These blinks b@&tards are currently once again blaming twice and onces for everything not knowing how the original article is actually supporting twice and onces and all these comments shown here are getting downvoted af. Can’t say the same about your girls hype posts which was downvoted to the core. Felt bad for her. But you guys had it coming. You need to humbled bad and it’s not enough. You guys will get super humbled one day.


Like blinkpoos knetz are actually on our side rn. Not yours. So I don’t get it how you all are acting like these 6 comments represents all knetz to you. Like see their downvotes then comeback.


I literally had enough of you guys. More bad karma should get to you blinks soon. I hope that happen soon.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🍀


Taking this site as an example isnt the best either lol, pannkpop is filled with Armys and Once every slight praise post about BP gets shit talked by you guys or any other group in general.. thats why BTS and Twice get so many haters recently


Acting as if every good post about Twice doesn’t get wrecked up by you people. Like leave this site for one time. You people even harassed that Grammy writer just because she enjoyed twice concert and wrote about it. Not to mention coming under every twice praise article to shove up your grp over there. Look under your collar then talk about fvcking harassment. Because if we are the bad people over here then you guys are even more worse than us.


I have got a bed booked for you in a mental asylum on an island. The tickets should reach your home soon. I suggest you start packing up your bags asap and go there. Delay will cause the Asylum authorities to drag your ass outta your house to that island. Can’t say anything more but just get well soon I guess.


Blinks are victimizing trash everywhere


See how none of the onces are even slvt shaming or shaming bp in general in the comments over here. Just trashing their fandom of incels aka blinks. But you will see these blinks once again trashing onces calling us as someone who slvt shame their faves. When we are not even the ones to humiliate your faves in first place. Onces are one of the mature fandoms out there. And it’s just proves it. Maybe blinks should really open their eyes and actually look at who slvt shame their girls. Cause it’s not onces in any way or form.


Can’t expect the same from blinks you know. They will slvt shame twice to the core before even coming at us onces and it’s truth.


Damn these 3 konces are so damn strong. They fvcking bullying these mass herd of blinks and other fandoms just by not even existing on pann. Like whoa those 3 konces are some real baddest bitches. They terrifying the shit out of these 1k+ kblinks just like this…


You eat sh*t for breakfast or something?


Once got called out several times but they still find new excuses every time help.. worst fandom currently, there is a reason why up to 10 fandoms were in their recent comeback updates and made fun of the group 🤭


Funny how easily you ppl are being “bullied” by 1 konce…that don’t even have time to invest in pann…


Blinks need to give it up. They are by far the most toxic fandom out there but they hardly get reprimanded for it. Only army and once have to be the moral fandoms while blinks get to be trash uncheck


I could’ve sworn Onces left Pann after the intense harassment Twice got a few years back. Most of the current Pann is invested with SM stans and Blinks.


Funny how the OP didn’t even mention any fandom name on their post but blinks made it about themselves so easily…victimization to core I can see that.

John Xina

Blinks seated here. How bout something for y’all to read.

Jennie took 5 years off and came back to play a skank in a drama to push for a western career. Puts in no effort for her fans as she thought it was gonna be a big US break…but nope.

She basically mud skipping behind the scenes for nothing. Drama cancelled in episode 2 and her song with the weekend existed every single world chart after a day. Didn’t enter the Melon top 1000 lol.

Speak on that. 5 years and mouths full of spunk social climbing for what?

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