One netizen said that if she were an idol growing up in America, she wouldn’t understand Korean fan culture

If I were an idol growing up in America, I wouldn’t understand Korean fan culture

What the?.. Celebrities get criticized for dating

Because that’s a culture that doesn’t exist in America

1. Then you just need to work in America~

2. If you’re going to work in Korea, you also have to accept that country’s culture ㅠㅜ

3. If you have those thoughts, you probably won’t debut in the first place

4. If you came here to become an idol then you would know. It’s not hard to come here without doing any research, right?

5. Then you can’t make money in Korea

6. If you don’t understand that then it would be better if you debuted in America. If you come here, you should understand.. well.. And the only people who don’t like you being in a relationship are your fans. Fans of other groups and the public will congratulate you

7. I also thought about this. Also, I think if I was born and raised in America, I wouldn’t be able to understand the culture of Korean trainees who are intimidated and bow down to their seniors

8. Since you don’t have the ability to debut in America, you will debut in Korea. What will you do if you don’t understand Korean fan culture?

9. If you love K-pop so much that you want to become an idol, then you are at least a fan of that fandom culture

10. Making money with fake relationships <- I don’t think there are many people who think like that. I think most fans like their music/songs/dances and only a few have fake relationships

11. But you have to make money, you need to accept that culture

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