(Only in my eyes) Japanese ramen shop owner who looks like NewJeans Minji

1. She looks like STAYC Seeun

2. They look alike, she’s so pretty

3. Wow, I’m not sure if she looks like Minji or not, but she’s seriously pretty

4. Wow, they really look alike

5. I think she looks more like Han Chae Young than Minji

6. She’s like a combination of Minji and Nana? But she looks more like Nana

7. Minji + ITZY Yuna

8. She looks like a Japanese actress

9. I’m not sure about Minji, but she looks like Nana

10. She looks like Han Chae Young

11. As soon as I saw her, I immediately thought of Han Chae Young, especially her thumbnail

12. She looks more like Yeo Jin Goo than Minji

13. So handsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

14. They don’t look alike at all

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