Only one 4th generation male idol group entered Melon’s 24hit chart

It’s shocking.. People really don’t listen to male idol songs

1. So who is that boy group??

2. It’s hard to enter the 24hit chart..

3. TXT?

4. Who is that? I’m curious

5. Why don’t you guys listen to male idol songs!!!! Is it because men don’t listen to male idol songs?

6. It’s TXT, right?

7. There are many good songs by male idols ㅠㅠ

8. Male idol songs are the worst….. I don’t care about 4th generation boy groups

9. There are many good songs by 4th generation male idols ㅠ

10. That’s right, it’s TXT

11. It’s shocking

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nct dream is not 4th gen? they will enlist later than txt and have had many melon chart entries plus GP recognition


nct dream is not 4th gen, they debuted in 2016 if i remember correctly!

Johan Liebert

Nct dream is 3rd gen, their debut in 2016 was only 2 weeks after blackpink. Dream and txt members actually have exact same age range (99′-02′) but dream’s oldest isn’t korean and their oldest korean is 00′ that’s why dream will enlist later than txt.


Nct dream is 3rd gen u weirdo


bighit gives txt the best promotions but the public doesn’t react to it, I wonder if trainee a would be different?

Guess who

No, Trainee A seems to have a concept, which is more like BTS earlier years and about youth and mental health etc. (the third Hype to do this concept…) and seems to have more rappers (and probably will have a music style, which is not popular with the general public) & the Koreans seem to hate their visuals mostly + the lyrics scandal of Leo makes him rather unpopular too


2 weeks of promotion for a 4th gen group who returned after 1 year is not consider best


i cant stand any 4th gen male boy groups or their music, its noisy, lacks vocal talent and the rap is mediocre and irritating. ive only heard one txt song and it was good but the recent cb is teetering towards noisy. i hope they can release something really good again since they seem to be the only male boy group with members who have actual talent.


txt 4th gen leaders once again

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