“Only TWICE can do this concept” TWICE reveals teaser for ‘SET ME FREE’ with their unique concept


2023.03.10 (Friday) 2pm
12th mini album “READY TO BE”
Title song – SET ME FREE

1. I like it, I think the song will be so good

2. Hul, I’m looking forward to this concept

3. TWICE can do this concept because they’re so pretty even without makeup

4. They’re still pretty even without makeup

5. Wow, it’s so refreshing and amazing that TWICE is doing something like this

6. Wow, the concept is so cool, I got goosebumps

7. I’m looking forward to seeing this unique concept for the first time

8. Because it’s TWICE, they’re pretty even without makeup

9. Only TWICE can do this concept

10. This is a concept that I can’t imagine

11. Wow daebak, I think the song will be good too

12. Wow I got goosebumps

13. Wow, I’m curious about the full version

14. The concept is so unique. I got goosebumps

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“unique” …SNSD Gee

spicy spice

this is how sm stans look like in kpopies eyes. they can’t move on from sm idols’ glory era lmao, kinda like living in a cave.

Jon Xina

What? No even resemblance to Gee.

Like all Gee was is girls thirsting over a guy.. This doesn’t even look to be close to that, in fact the message seems to be in direct opposition.


The only similarity to this and “Gee” are the white shirts. Ya’ll are so annoying. They don’t even remotely sound the same.

It is what it is

I feel like this will be like “strip” by Little Mix. It has the vibe if being empowering.

Anyway, Twice looks good with and without makeup as expected

Seungri reformed

This pigyeon is annoying 🙂 kick this fat parasite from the group

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