OP “Looking at Jennie, I realized how much Jihyo failed”

Looking at Jennie, I realized how much Jihyo failed

Jennie didn’t have any promotion and this was just a song for fans but it entered the chart at 60th and now it’s still moving up. Meanwhile, Jihyo didn’t even enter the chart and fell to the 400th

BLACKPINK is indeed the wall

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1. [+119, -55] BLACKPINK is the one top girl group in Korea and abroad, of course there is a huge difference when comparing them with TWICE

2. [+115, -35] Not only Jihyo, all the solo artists of the groups didn’t do well except for BLACKPINK’s members and Hwasa…

3. [+84, -38] You can’t even compare Nayeon with Jennie so why are you comparing Jihyo..?

4. [+56, -47] The way JYP fans are trying to step on their class is so funny. Jennie’s fan song without any promotion entered the top 10 after just 1 day

5. [+38, -43] The only solo female artists on the Billboard 200 are BoA, Jihyo and Nayeon

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