Park Bo Gum and BTS V depart for France to attend Celine’s fashion show

‘Best friends’ Park Bo Gum and BTS V go to France… Attend Celine’s fashion show together

V and Park Bo Gum plan to depart for Paris, France on June 24 in order to attend the ‘S/S 2023 Menswear Collection’ show by ‘CELINE’

1. Oh, I didn’t know the two of them were friends

2. I like the combination of Park Bo Gum × V.. Can’t wait to see their pictures together

3. Daebak, I want to see them togetherㅋㅋ

4. Are V and Park Bo Gum close? It’s a combination of a good-looking guy next to a good-looking guy. Celine is amazing

5. Hul, I’m glad the two of them are close

6. Handsome guy next to handsome guy…

7. The two of them look good together, they’re so handsome

8. I love this combination!!! Can’t wait

9. V x Park Bo Gum is the best

10. This combination is so good, I love their friendship

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Celine global ambassador, Lisa erasure


reread the post where it says menswear


Lisa will attend the show


and?? lisa are attending the show too. She’s hedi slimane muse anyways


V toxic fans are really determined to ruin this for us, it’s been years since she was in pfw please stop spamming every tweet hyping her up , ughh


Some of these comments are killing me lol, but it has been years since either of them acknowledged the other iirc.


Huh ? They are friends but they don’t have to make their interactions public so random people think they are acknowledging each other


Uhhhh I’m dying to know where I said differently?? I was commenting on how funny it was that people in the comments were surprised by their friendship. You guys are weird.


it’s because Park Bogum enlisted and Tae was said to pay him a visit during his service.


It is a Jungkook stan don’t even bother to explain


And what makes you think I’m a stan of one member? 😭😭

just lurking

Taehyung style suit burberry not this cheap brand


Yeah i wish he choose another brand too, just so his fans would leave Lisa alone


None of us give a fck about Lisa.


Then why are u camping on every bp article hating on them bitch


This is a bts article.


Then why are you guys mentioning Lisa focus on your fave leave her alone

Last edited 5 months ago by Toto

Yeah just look at the comment here and on Twitter, i wish what you’re saying was true but y’all just refuse to give us a break


No one cares enough about that girl to mention her. Y’all are the ones injecting her ass here when the article ain’t even about her.


Taehyung is such a celebrity. I honestly thought Tae had fell out with Bogum some years ago because they suddenly stopped hanging out. Glad to see they are still friends

Patricia Curtis

So excited for Kim Taehyung! So excited for South Korea! Celine is smart to invite two handsome popular men to attend mens Paris fashion week to expand their mens clothing sales! Since Celine owned by Luis Vuitton I am hoping lots of future opportunities for them all. Lisa is an amazing ambassador for the brand too. Hopefully mens clothing sales will boom for Celine after this Sunday!

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