Park Bo Gum, Taeyang, BLACKPINK Jennie, Lisa and Woody Harrelson????

Looks like Woody Harrelson visited The Black Label and took a picture together

1. What kind of combination is this?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. I looked for Taeyang in that picture.. Why does he look so old?

3. This combination is so interesting

4. I was completely surprised by Taeyang’s eyebrows, it’s a weird combination

5. I don’t know who the foreigners are, but Park Bo Gum and BLACKPINK?!?!?! He really moved to YG

6. I thought Taeyang was a foreigner

7. Who is Woody Harrelson??? Is he an overseas celebrity?

8. Taeyang looks weird

9. Park Bo Gum, why are you there?

10.It’s Taeyang, right?

11. I’m not surprised because I don’t know who Woody Harrelson is, but I’m surprised that Park Bo Gum is there.. I still can’t get used to it

12. Wow, that person is Taeyang..? That’s not the face of Taeyang I used to know

13. Why is Bo Gum here?

14. Park Bo Gum surprised me more

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bogum is literally in the black label now and so is taeyang and bp are under yg, so why is everyone calling this a weird combo?

Color color stan

Taeyang looks like a hobo


Jennie and Lisa gonna have a busy night


you sound like a pro about this stuff

White cat

Black label is literally next door to yg 🤣 its not that surprising

Ladyboy lisa

Park bogum got lottery joining yg, free servixe by lisard and jeny 😭😭😭 so jealous


Guess he got tired of slvthyungs flat@ss

dot com bubble

BlinkPink why do you even bother making new usernames, we know it’s you 😂


so this ladyboy lisa user literally is calling whore jennie and lisa, but you have nothing to say to her? instead you comment this? you guys have to get help immediately

Ladyboy lisa

Stop crying, ur fandom calling bts members all sort of name 😂


They really loves white men


Atleast not cold hearted as you


Taeyang is really ugly, he always was 💀


Not as ugly as j*nnie tho


tbh bp are ugly without the kpop styling and the mediaplay

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