Park Jung Min and BLACKPINK Jisoo star in zombie series ‘Influenza’, netizens talk about Jisoo’s acting

Park Jung Min and Jisoo star in zombie series ‘Influenza’… ‘The new work of ‘Parasite’ screenwriter

Actor Park Jung Min and BLACKPINK Jisoo have been offered leading roles in a new Coupang Play original series, ‘Influenza’

1. Park Jung Min is a good actor… But Jisoo?

2. Jisoo… I like her but when I saw her acting, I was shocked because her acting was so bad

3. Jisoo’s emotional acting is good, I’m looking forward to it

4. Jisoo? Is this a role that doesn’t require acting skills?

5. Wasn’t there a controversy because she couldn’t act?

6. I like Park Jung Min, but when I saw Jisoo’s acting, I was shocked..

7. This is an example of a singer becoming a top actress thanks to her popularity

8. Park Jung Min and Jisoo… The difference in acting skills is too big

9. BLACKPINK is doing well but why is she so greedy for acting even though she’s successful as a solo artist…?

10. Jisoo’s acting is good~ I support her

11. The malicious comments are too harsh…

12. Jisoo should be grateful that her acting skills did not cause controversy thanks to the historical distortion controversy

13. Jisoo’s acting is not good and her voice is not good either

14. I want to see Park Jung Min’s acting, but…

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