People are asking Chen to leave EXO after seeing him recently

Wow it’s been a while since I’ve seen Chen

“EXO Chen, ‘I’m leaving alone without the members'”

1. He’s leaving the group??

2. EXO members don’t go together anymore, they seem to go alone

3. When will he leave the group?

4. I thought he was leaving the group

5. I was so happy because I thought he was leaving the group

6. Please leave the group

7. Now he just looks like a real father

8. When did he get discharged???? I thought he was still in the army

9. I hope he continues to promote alone in the future

10. Just leave EXO

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Gi Gi Hakusho

Idols that are victims of massive harassment campaigns you can see their faces reflect how bad it must have been for them and it’s so disgusting how netizens use that to mock. Seeing the comments makes me think he’s still harassed, I hope he’s having good time with his loved ones and ignoring losers.


Ion even care about that group or it’s members but the way Korean fans turn on you because you decided to have a family is gross. Imagine telling real life people you’re not a fan of someone because they got married and had kids. Embarrassing.

Casual listener

Your bias is not gonna marry you.. neither be in relationship with you..Wake up!!!! Stop pushing this toxic relationship on to your bias.

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