People are confused by TWICE’s 1st place on Music Bank today

1st place on Music Bank today

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STAYC, congrats on your 2nd place

TWICE, congrats on your 1st place

1. No, TWICE used to be the girl group that did the best on the charts. Red Velvet and BLACKPINK’s rankings are still good on the charts.. Looks like TWICE is going downhill

2. Why don’t you guys mention the difference in the album? Seems like there are a lot of people who just see bad things about TWICE and want to write bad comments

3. TWICE’s digital is getting worse and worse..

4. There’s a lot of difference in digital, but you guys can’t see the difference in the albumㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Congratulations to TWICE!!!

5. TWICE fighting!!!!!

6. I rub my eyes because of the difference in digital

7. I didn’t even know TWICE made a comeback, I’m going to listen to TWICE’s song, congrats to TWICE

8. TWICE’s digital is so low…

9. Congratulations~!!!! I love the song and the choreography

10. Their digital is much lower than expected

11. When I see TWICE and the members working well together for a long time, I feel proud and emotional

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OT but does anyone have student laptop recommendations? I need a new one but I don’t know what to get.

Anyways, congrats to Twice.


Do you have range of budget?


My limit is $900


i use dell and think it’s good enough


Yeah, I looked at Dell laptops as well. There was even a special offer for students two weeks ago but I missed it 😭

Si Qi ⁷

Macbook Air M1/M2, it’s lightweight so you can carry it around easily, and it’s pretty fast, no lagging like those windows laptops


Yeah, Macbooks are the go to laptop for many students. I don’t have the money for one though… not even for the “older” M1 model.


There are so many boy groups and even some girlgroups got their win tho they didn’t chart well. But y’all suddenly get curious because it’s Twice?


Because everyone is obsessed with twice. No matter how hard they deny. Cause rn you go on pann and majority of trending posts are about twice.
Koreans are real hypocrites. They say they don’t care about twice anymore but the scene says something totally different.
Twice won this fair and square. Most are those kblinks or other Korean ggp fandom.

Hello xd

But let’s be serious. There’s a lot of hypocrisy here, bc when a bg wins just bc the number of physical albums, a lot of people complain and the comments aren’t positive too…but y’all hype them and says that it’s kinda unfair that the bg win. Even the discussion about the big % of physical albums to win MuBank is Old.


Onces have never complained about bgps win. We are also doing the same now. Most of the complaints are from other ggp fandoms who can’t really get good sales. And are charting well because gp is currently supporting them.

Saint Seungri

old milfs go to retirement 🙂 they only can beat b list group, pitiful hags


old milfs = blackpink

Jon Xina

1. No, TWICE used to be the girl group that did the best on the charts. Red Velvet and BLACKPINK’s rankings are still good on the charts.. Looks like TWICE is going downhill

Now this is just made up, Red Velvets last comeback is below even Talk That Talk on the charts lol


The reality is that rv last cb was below than twice this one too. But they will never talk about that.

spicy spice

that comment probably came from sm stan. cuz they never accept the fact that red velvet was the floppest if compared to twice and blackpink, they tend to used the word ‘stable’ to describe red velvet career. so funny how they always remember red velvet’s only best hits and forgot all the flops to attack other idols.


The fact that rv had the hugest fallout on melon and other kr charts on their last cb but there was no posts about it. Twice didn’t debut on #6 and then suddenly disappeared from the charts next day. But that was the RV’s situation.
Twice are still in top 100 in all kr charts. And are gaining good Spotify streams which matches their album sales perfectly. If people stop reading hate posts for once they can see that twice are doing pretty well even now.
I don’t hate RV at all but their stans are being a little too much towards Twice this whole week. And again when onces will clapback they will start crying victimized once again. And will forget all these posts thes are supporting and writing against twice rn.


Never heard anything from rv since psycho, I’m sorry 💀


I know you guys are obsessed with twice. I get it like they are TWICE. I can totally get the obsession.


Congratulations to twice you guys won fair and square.


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The only low points in there was the digital, the rest are good. What are they up to?

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