People are divided over BTS’ representative song

People are divided over BTS’ representative song

1 Dynamite

2 Spring Day

3 Fire

4 Others (Boy with Luv; Butter; Blood, Sweat and Tears; DNA, etc.)

1. Blood, Sweat and Tears

2. The group’s identity song is Fire

3. The first songs that come to mind are Spring Day and DNA

4. Among BTS’s songs, I like IDOL the most

5. Isn’t it Boy with Luv????

6. There are many songs that have great influence but the representative songs are Dynamite and Spring Day

7. As everyone knows, the representative song is Dynamite, but I like Spring Day the most among them

8. Blood, Sweat and Tears; Dynamite. When I was a muggle, I only knew the name of the group BTS, but the song I knew was Blood, Sweat and Tears

9. Dynamite is BTS’s representative song in Korea and abroad

10. The popularity of Blood, Sweat and Tears is explosive, and from K-pop perspective, Blood, Sweat and Tears is like BTS’s representative song

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