People are outraged that Stray Kids’ first week album sales have surpassed BTS now

People are outraged that Stray Kids’ first week album sales have surpassed BTS now

This is the first week album sales of all time

Stray Kids’ new album reached 2.17 million copies today, surpassing BTS ‘Persona’ and ranking 4th in history

People say that no one can beat BTS, but Stray Kids did it

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1. [+122, -13] BTS ‘Persona’ was released in 2019, wasn’t their album sales the highest at that time? How can you compare them to the album inflation of idols now? If BTS released a mini or full album now, they would hit 5-6 million in the first week. Even this compilation album has reached 100 billion won

2. [+109, -24] Seriously…ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I have a lot to say, but I’ll be patient

3. [+104, -16] Why are you bashing BTS when you say that Stray Kids beat BTS’ previous record 3 years ago? Last time, they said that Hyunjin surpassed V and Jungkook but it was their sales in 2019. What’s the battle with BTS’ past? Let’s live in reality

4. [+34, -8] I don’t even know any Stray Kids songs

5. [+21, -0] ARMYs don’t care if Stray Kids sold more than BTS’ Persona album in 2019, so why are you guys talking about it?

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Stray kids and their fans are shameless. I don’t want to be rude but no, you guys still need to catch up a lot to even get on the same level with bangtan.

And pls your sob story is different with bangtan. Stop it


Stray Kids don’t even have a hit song in Korea (they’re complete nugu)

They also have a controversial member that had bully accusations, done racists things (blackface, racist lyrics, braids), and there’s literally an album inflation atm.

Yeah… they will never touch BTSs success.


BTS also have a past of insensitivity to African Americans so please don’t pull that card. Especially when SKZ has addressed tho things and have apologized.

Their Chinese bar bought almost 700k in albums, it’s not inflation, their fandom just grew, that’s literally just it. If you look at the trend in their album sales it was bound to happen. You don’t have to talk crap about them especially when this was obviously a post to set them up.


That IS inflation lmao. 1 chinese bar buying up 700k albums lmao. I hope govt addresses the environmental impact of kpop stans bulk buying albums to dick measure and then dumping them everywhere


Both mid songs next


all because of album sales, are you kidding me? this just proves how much stays are desperate for BTS validation & success for their group. how embarrassing of that fandom & to make posts to invalidate BTS achievements. 1st it was bigbang/exo/seventeen & now stray kids fandom, BTS is that group their fandom wishes to have for their fav.


It’s a freaking troll post, it’s so obvious.


Armys are shaking xD


Our booty for the YTC in Busan, yes


Temblando por un albúm de 2019 que ni siquiera es el albúm más vendido de bts (lo fue en su momento) pero ¿los digitales y charts? Incluso en Usa no superan al bts de 2018 😂

WhatsThe Point

All these kpop groups now have millions of sales but that doesn’t translate in their streams.
And there was a pic circulating, stray kids album is being mass bought and there are no real buyers and they’re dumping it on the streets.


Exactly. There song isn’t even charting anywhere! If they can sell 2 million copies why can’t they even chart???


They chart especially well on Spotify.


Para esas ventas hay canciones mejor ubicadas en spotify

uhgood⁷ Sexy Nukim

They not charting well even on spotify. Try again


Their fandom grew especially in China, their China bar bought almost 700k of albums. As for the dumping there are pics of all big major fandoms albums in the streets. Mass buying it’s literally been a thing in kpop for years it’s not a new thing.


Hi 🙂 I really want to know why some fans bulk buy? Is it because you can have a higher chance of getting into a fansign event?


1) they wanna help to increase the album sales
2) to get the photocard they want (especially if it’s hard to get because so many people want it)
3) fansign event


album sales mean shit if your songs arent charting lol


stays better keep it cute like idk this might be a troll post to set up skz wtv on pann but on twt , a lot of you guys just getting a bit arrogant by comparing persona album to maxident only by sales performance while bts at the time be able to be on the top spot of all k-charts at the time like their album sales at the time matched with their album sales . like if you want to pick a fight , go fight with these 4th gen groups 🏃🏻

Don’t have anything against skz , I personally enjoy some of their songs but the fans sure are annoying sometimes 👤


Acting as if your fandom is so pure remember when armys got so mad at skz getting a bb #1 they trended hashtags to a point the bb executive himself had to step in and give an explanation.


when tf they trended a hashtag ?? we never said our fandom is so pure anyway 😹 can’t be said about other kpop fandoms that often said armys are the worst and most annoying fandom while claiming they are not toxic but actually all these kpop fandoms are also toxic and not ‘pure’☝🏻


” …first week album sales surpassed BTS”

Pretty sure any anger is from this selective and misleading narrative than from sm1 breaking a BTS record BTS has already long surpassed themselves.

namtiddies@10th june

Congrats! In that case, they must be ready to sell out Wembley then, considering they have surpassed 2019 BTS.


They are


This is clearly a troll post and people have fell for it and have been baited. SKZ themselves look up to BTS and know that they’ve paved the way. They’re not arrogant.


I think most people here are talking about Stays tho


Kinda remind me with some fandom who bragging when their fave are charting bit higher in 2019 and compared with BTS old ranking in 2016, while in 2016, BTS only did that with digital album sales because kpop physical album has no official distribution in US yet until 2018


Y’all are so freaking stupid it’s a troll post but obviously armys can’t let go of thr chance of not dragging stray kids. Get a life, stays never compared skz to bts. They are leading their own generation and that’s more than enough


Si lo hacen, en varias plataformas varios stays están desesos de compararlo con bts que termina más en una arrastrada a stray kids


Meanwhile Persona at that time excel in both sales & streams, charting left & right..while skz only had their album sales & songs got nowhere to be found…theyre like an empty can..,the loudest when it fall to the ground but empty inside 🤷‍♀️ BTS cn always take that top 5 with ease if they release 1 o 2 albums. Even 2 of their top 3 album hve higher price w only 2 versions


Doesn’t matter if there’s any kpop group that reached on bts level, or how high their position in the chart was, in the end it’s all about impact. Has there been any group that had impact as big as bts now? You may speak up if you’ve been able to make a whole city specially decorated in your identical colors, and welcoming your fandom in the airport like an artist.

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But I wasn’t done…

BTS remains the standard lol


Inflated album sales doesnt make the songs good. Stray kids stans have been fr the most annoying 4th gen stans always bringing up bts unprovoked. Cant even get their songs on the top half of spotify, melon or any other streaming platform. Numbers are not adding up


OP is a deluded clown lmao even after a decade has passed skz certainly still hasn’t and can’t ever surpassed bts’ popularity so dream on lol

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