People are shocked by BLACKPINK Jisoo’s visuals at Dior Show in real time

BLACKPINK Jisoo attends Dior Show in real time

1. She’s seriously pretty… She’s just a princess..

2. Jisoo is pretty but her style today doesn’t suit my taste

3. Wow, how does she feel living with a face like that?

4. The smoky makeup suits her so well

5. Purple suits her so well

6. I think she suits Dior so well. It seems like she attends shows every time. I’m surprised every time I see her

7. She’s so pretty like a princess

8. I’m obsessed with Jisoo’s smokey makeup these days

9. Wow, she’s really pretty, she’s the Dior princess

10. Two celebrities Song Hye Kyo and Jisoo are the purest and most beautiful women in the world

11. I found this video while looking for pictures, and wow the two of them are crazy

12. The makeup is pretty, purple suits her so well

13. Isn’t she a Disney princess?

14. Wow why is she so pretty?

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Jennie’s better


Shut up. It’s not me


at opening her legs


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Looks like drag 😆


Stiffsoo. No talent and makes many mistakes in concert. But she is attending events every week without practicing. She is most pushed by yg. Dozen


How she even look stiff while standing still 🤣


Little 7 stan are so quick, as expected the second fandom


at least she’s the least seoul cycle of the 4


We don’t know, looks like the brand treat her so well 😏


queen jennie is better

seungri is free

Fckin hag with this chin and ugly mouth 🤢 yes jennie better 🙂


Choi Soonsil is prettier


The smokey eye look really suits her. She looks beautiful!

Also, y’all are so vile in the comments section geez


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