People are shocked by BLACKPINK Rosé’s wardrobe malfunction during the concert in Jakarta, Indonesia

When Rosé performed “Hard To Love” during her solo performance, the clasp holding her top up came loose

Rosé noticed it quickly and held it in place by holding the top half of her dress in time. Rosé continued to sing and perform calmly

The reactions

“Rosé handled it well. But the costume team needs to wake up, because this isn’t the first time they’ve been unprofessional”

“Thank God, imagine if she keep moving and dancing without knowing, the dark history of concert will happen”

“She still sings despite her wardrobe malfunction, indeed, queen of professionalism”

“Please I hope the stylists would secure their outfits well. This could’ve gone so bad”

“It always happen to her.. from the boots to dress.. YG.. do something about this.. I hope this won’t happen again”

“It was definitely a disaster if that wasn’t buttoned up quickly. Glad she noticed it really fast and that dancer helped her”

“I love the way she keeps singing”

“Rosé is indeed very professional. That style looks too good on Rosé though”

“We stan a professional idol, she is the best”

“I’m not even a fan but those dress malfunctions are kinda getting annoying like, it just keeps happening. Please protect your artists!!!”

“Rosé is so professional”

“She is so good at handling this type of situation”

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