People are shocked by Kim Jaejoong’s recent whereabouts

Wow.. Kim Jaejoong is still handsome….

I was curious about his recent whereabouts so I researched and was surprised… He’s so handsome

This was him in the past

1. Wow he’s so handsome

2. I’m the only one getting old…

3. Legendary, Kim Jaejoongㅋ

4. Seriously, he’s not getting old

5. I’m really the only one getting old

6. Seriously, he has the prettiest eyes I’ve ever seen…

7. The most handsome celebrity I’ve seen in real life

8. That’s why my mom likes him too

9. Seriously handsome

10. I went to his concert recently and he sang better than before…

11. I have never seen any idol who is as perfect as Kim Jaejoong… (my standards)

12. Why am I the only one getting old?

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It is what it is

Visual shock, that’s right 😍
Jaejoong is 37 and looks like he’s in his 20s


Yes he’s still breathtaking !!!

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I’m glad he managed to disassociate himself from sm and now makes the music he wants. Watching him you realize LSM is still looking for his replacement, there are tons of guys in that company that bear a resemblance to him, without ever reaching his level of attractiveness. 

Sophie Kate

Hes like Jun Jihyun… I feel like Jaejoon, Jihyun, Suzy, Taehyung will be the only ones to survive visuals as idols..

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