People are shocked by NewJeans’ ranking on Billboard

NewJeans’ ranking on Billboard


1. I love the song so much that I listen to it every day. This song is a big hit

2. Daebak, NewJeans is amazing

3. I heard that only BLACKPINK and TWICE are the only girl groups to enter Billboard Hot 100, NewJeans is daebak

4. I don’t know, but if it had been released on Friday, would it have done better on the chart?

5. Are they the highest charting 4th generation girl group on Billboard?

6. They debuted less than a year ago and don’t have a fandom in the US like the idols that do well on Billboard right now, but they’re amazing

7. NewJeans is daebak

8. But Ditto is really good

9. Crazy.. I love Ditto so much ㅠㅠ

10. After the chart changed last year, it was hard to get into Billboard, but NewJeans is amazing

11. If it weren’t for Christmas, I think it would be in the top 100

12. Seriously awesome

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Tiktok star

oh please

oh is the song popular on tiktok?


not sure about other regions but I’m from SEA and it’s quite popular on Tiktok here. Even non-kpop listeners are using this song for their contents like makeup and review stuffs .


Honestly curious how they gonna chart once the hype going down. They have alot of casual listeners for sure.


As long as they keep releasing good music the fandom would probably grow


As long as they release good songs, they’ll be safe I guess. Kpop fans turn their backs on these girl groups as soon as they release (1) bad song.


Say thanks to hybe


And music and concept.. all these other groups in big companies have the same opportunity but newjeans looks the most promising for now


Yes, thanks hybe for making the two best 4th gen gg.


It’s just bubbling under. Why the comments acted as if it’s THE BB hot 100?


I’ve never seen people say “charting on Billboard” to refer to bubbling under before

John. Xina

I mean they have like 75 million paid playlisting..let’s keep it real. Their MVs didn’t even enter YouTube’s US chart…it’s pretty telling for their ‘popularity’ lol.

I mean show me some other unknown new act that has a debut song added to a decent position on today’s top hits…yeah, exactly.


ig they’re following the blackpink print!

Jon Xina

Indeed. Paid playlisting is the most important. Already Newjeans current playlisting reach is the second highest for a group in Kpop history and it reached that point on week 1 of release.

HYBE 100% greasing the wheels. You don’t pull 10m listeners on Spotify but can’t even get 1m youtube likes on a MV in a couple of weeks..don’t add up. Just look at Spotify Japan for example, top 10 with 180k daily streams yet aren’t in the top 50 current videos on Youtube this week and aren’t inside the Recochoku top 200(Japans biggest digital music platform)

Yeah, not adding up. Exceptional Spotify/Apple performance yet doing pretty average on every other platform where you can’t pay to be added to 100’s of playlists.

Jon Xina

*Third highest for a group. After BTS which had playlisting above 500m at one point and BP that had it at above 300m lmao.


does charting on BB HOT 100 takes 80% from SPOTIFY STREAMS?? How about Youtube views? Apple music? Itunes sales? Deezer streams?

Jon Xina

This will be long, ignore if you like.

Well take into account streaming and radio deals far outweigh everything else in terms of importance for charting on BB100.

Spotify last year accounted for 31% of the online music market in the USA, with Apple Music at less than half of that and Youtube a tjust 8%.

Music sales on iTunes are no longer organically popular and generally experience low sales volumes however can be a boon for fandoms to mass buy songs that way since they can account for a decent amount of weekly points. The clip is 1 pure track sale(spotify/website sales) is = to 150 paid streams. A veryy decent conversion and hence why after HYBE/Army exploited this rule for Butter/Dynamite Billboard cracked down on mass buying.

In terms of how important is Spotify streaming for BBhot 100, and also playlisting with it. Well in 2021 a music market expert at Vox wrote..

‘Playlists have become such an essential part of a song’s success that an underworld of playlist promoters have emerged to exploit this musical ponzi scheme’

Their is a reason most top artist debut with massive deals to appear on TDHH, all the new music Fridays and various other multi million listener playlist. We see Taylor, Drake, Bad Bunny, BTS, BP, etc all debut with playlisting in the 10’s of millions and right now NewJeans it at 70+ million playlisting for just 1 track, to put that in perspective this is higher concurrent playlisting peak than any other group beside BTS and BlackPink have ever reached.

Higher than Big Bang, Twice, IVE, Aespa, NCT, Red Velvel, Exo, Stray Kids, etc.

Keep in mind this usually wouldn’t be so telling if their other metrics were consistent, which we know they are not. Look at their position on Youtube in these countries…very poor. Why when we see other groups get popularity or hype in certain markets do we see them doing well in those markets in all areas? Yet for Newjeans they are the exception?
They can pull 500k streams in 1 single day on Spotify from the US yet last wee k it would’ve only require 665k streams ALL WEEK on Youtube to enter the chart…but Newjeans couldn’t do it?

Why? We don’t see this for any other groups, none….just Newjeans..who also happen to have some of the best ever playlisting in Kpop history? Curious.

Also look at Japan, 180k daily streams on Spotify…but aren’t inside the top 200 on Recochoku and only got 550k streams all week inspite of Youtube being one of the biggest music platforms there? Very curious.




do koreans understand what bubbling under means lol?


No, they are stupid


Netizens are very stupid. They are surprised by the success of New Jeans and believe that they invented a “new sound” when literally ditto, omg, and all New Jeans songs are plagiarized from 10 years ago to the American industry. That group of girls will never be successful abroad because for us their sound is very common and boring.

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