People are shocked by RIIZE’s choreography and dancing skills after watching ‘Siren’ Dance Practice Day3

RIIZE ‘Siren’ Dance Practice Day3

1. Wonbin dances so well

2. Wow, Sungchan is tall but he dances so well

3. Wow, is this the full version? They are crazy

4. Are their joints okay?

5. Shotaro seems to dance all the dances so easily… His skills are crazy…

6. Wonbin is so cool

7. Wow, Sungchan looks like a giant with his big body and is a good dancer.. Wonbin seems to dance better than I thought, and the rest of the members are also so good..

8. I know Shotaro and Wonbin are the main dancers, but Sungchan also dances so well and strongly

9. They all dance so well. They are so cool

10. Their strength and skills are crazy

11. Wow, Shotaro is really good

12. Sungchan dances so well. Wow, he’s improved so much

13. They are rookies so they have a lot of energy

14. I got breathless watching this

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