People bring in Aespa Winter’s photo the most to their plastic surgeons

This doctor said that there are quite a lot of people who bring in Aespa Winter’s photo to their plastic surgeons. Her nose was wide but she has slimmed down her nose and the change was pretty big

[+434, -134]

1. [+179, -88]

2. [+174, -79] This was her when she was in middle school. She’s been pretty since she was a kid, but people are bashing her after seeing 1~2 bad pictures of her

3. [+162, -42] Her elementary and 1st year high school ID photos

4. [+146, -6] But I think Winter’s eyes are so pretty… I think the eyes are the most attractive on Winter’s face. Her eyes and aegyo sals are all prettyㅋㅋ She had pretty eyes even when she was in elementary school

5. [+128, -72] When she was in 1st~2nd year of middle school

6. [+127, -97] What’s wrong with Winter

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