People immediately think of this girl group when it comes to female idols who can dance and perform well


There are 5 members but there are 4 members like the main dancer

1. But that school violence member can’t even dance…

2. They dance well, but I feel like the group can’t be perfect because of that school violence member… Personally, I think of NMIXX. They’re all really good at performing live

3. I thought of GFriend

4. ITZY members are good, but JYP gives them weird songs ㅜㅜ They don’t know how to use the talents of the kids

5. I’m not a fan and I don’t know each member well, but every time they come back, I watch all of their fancams

6. The members all did well except for Lia

7. They’re popular after TWICE and BLACKPINK overseas, I hope they come back with a good song

8. I think Chaeryeong’s dance is the best among them, she dances well and is pretty

9. I think of ITZY, I also think of NMIXX these days

10. That’s why I love watching their fancamsㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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