People on Pann talk about whether there will be the second BTS or BLACKPINK

Do you think there will be the second BTS or BLACKPINK?

If I really think about this carefully, I think there will only be the second TWICE

If K-pop stays like this

[+341, -50]

1. [+200, -18] There are still people attacking BLACKPINK at this time, they’re really ugly ㅠ So please tell me, among the female idols, who has the same class and popularity as BLACKPINK?

2. [+196, -9] You can make a lot of money thanks to a good song, but having a large and loyal fan base like BTS is not easy

3. [+185, -180] I don’t know about BLACKPINK, but BTS has a huge fandom and can be certified as one of the biggest fandoms in the world

4. [+139, -7] K-pop has reached its peak and is in decline, the question is whether BTS and BLACKPINK are capable of competing with pop stars when they leave K-pop?.. The K-pop pie is no longer expanding

5. [+125, -18] I really don’t think there’s any group that can reach the level of BTS

6. [+51, -1] BTS even received Grammy nominations… It’s not a joke, they’ve gone beyond K-pop

7. [+40, -14] It’s true that BLACKPINK is famous but putting them next to BTS is not right, where is your conscience?

8. [+35, -1] Even Big Hit, the company that created BTS, will never be able to create something like BTS again… They forgot why they became so big

9. [+35, -1] BTS is a group considered the Beatles of the 21st century. They represent a generation not only in K-pop but also globally

10. [+25, -21] NewJeans surpassed BLACKPINK…

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