People react after seeing Taeyang x BTS Jimin’s ‘VIBE’ credit poster

Taeyang x BTS Jimin’s ‘VIBE’ credit poster

Lyrics by TAEYANG, Vince
Composed by TEDDY, KUSH, Vince, TAEYANG, Jimin, 24
Arranged by 24, KUSH

1. Ahhhh I’m looking forward to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. Hul Jimin, I’m looking forward to itㅋㅋㅋ

3. Will there be a music video?

4. Hey, it’s really refreshing. How can the two of them work together? Well, seriously awesome

5. I love this combination

6. I can’t even imagine what song it is. I want to listen to it soon

7. Wow, I want to see this combination soon

8. Crazy, Taeyang is so cool.. The song was written and composed by Taeyang ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

9. Well, it’s Teddy’s song, Jimin also participated in composing

10. Youngbae’s hair is so cool ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

11. Taeyang is crazy! He participated in composing and writing lyrics!

12. Teddy, Kush, Taeyang and Jimin are the combination that you can’t help but listen to the song

13. Jimin participated in composing, right? Daebak

14. I also want to see the music video teaser ㅠㅠ

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Jimin is coming , let’s ignore the bitches and get our goals for him and only him


he’s just featuring. Its taeyang’s cb not jimin’s debut 💀


Still jimin is coming and no one said it’s his debut song lmao what op meant was since jimin participated in making of this song they will support it and ignore btches like you 🤭

Last edited 30 days ago by dunno

U r the bitch she was talking about and we don’t give a fuck
We only see Jimin in the picture NOW CRY

Last edited 30 days ago by San

Support both. See my long reply to: ape. 🙂


We don’t care about taeyang , he should be thankful that he’s getting a lot from armys , if its not 4 Jimin no one would care , he’s only popular in Korea


Support both, see my long reply to: ape. 🙂


> Why the negativity? Jimin was inspired by Taeyang who must like Jimin’s work to ask for the collab. I saw a comment that thought Jimin seemed too “soft”? 1) Jimin learned/ excels in *4* Martial Arts>Taekwondo-BlackBelt + Kendo-8 yrs-4th Dan/BlackBelt equiv. + Hapkido + Chinese MA + Boxing (known for abs +thighs) + many Sports + 2) #1 Con- temp./Balllet Student YET *WON*many Teen Freestyle Poppin’/Hip-Hop Battles + Com- petitions + does crazy Acrobatics + 3) #1 Idol Dancer-4 yrs>any style=Power + Grace!! Like Taeyang, has a higher, beautifully unique voice-praised by many + 4) Still has the #1 Most streamed (+Original) Song in Soundcloud History, 1st Asian with 3 Solo Songs hit 100+Mill. streams each on Spotify + all 3 went U.S.- RIAA Gold, etc 5) That “softly” gorgeous face is TC Candler’s: “#14 Most Handsome Men In The World-2022″…AND… awesome Songwriter + Producer + helped Co-write: “VIBE”!!! I’m EXCITED!!! 🙂 🙂


I’ll listen to it but I’ll save my support for Jimin’s actual solo debut


Support both. See my long reply to: ape. 🙂

It's whatever

For stupid btches like you everyone hates the fandom. It’s Taeyang song and y’all treating it like it’s Jm solo debut. The disrespect.
You can have tons of beefs between fandoms but you gotta respect the artist. Specially bc Jm said that his inspiration is Taeyang since debut


See my long reply to ape. Neither Taeyang or Jimin would be happy with these nega- tive fan comments about their mutual friendly/positive upcoming future banger, incl. top choreos! C’mon.. 🙂


Its always us the bad people ha ? How is treating it like Jimin solo debut is a bad thing when taeyang himself would be the happiest getting all of that ?! Just fuck of we’re supporting whoever we want
And its only JIMIN
I already know that k-media and everyone gonna ignore Jimin impact on the song AS ALWAYS


Support both of them, don’t let a few negative comments change that. See my long reply to: ape. 🙂


You’re so annoying


wonder if they’ll beat Ditto on k-charts


I don’t trust k-armys , but let’s hope Korean love it


Knetizens like bigbang, so i believe its gonna get PAK


Istg idk what k-armys even do atp.


I think its gonna get PAK. But its depend how the song when its come to longetivity. Knetizens really like bigbang music n its also has bts member.


Jimin is credited in the song. Let’s support him, Army.


Will they promote at music shows?.. or do you think is there dance practice?.. I’m exicted for taeyang’s songs after many years.

It's whatever

Same! He has so many hits songs 😍 can’t wait!


Choreographers, dancers, producers + MV director liked his post + looks like a banger! I’m excited! See my long reply to: ape. 🙂


Flopyang knew he needed more of Jimin’s fingerprint on this song to solidify army’s support. He doing his best to get that international support Jimin can supply


Thank you teddy oppa


I believe the song is going to be a banger. Really interested to see what the song is like.

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