People say that Red Velvet really doesn’t suit the Kwangya AI concept

Red Velvet really doesn’t suit the Kwangya AI conceptㅋㅋ…

Wasn’t Red Velvet’s original concept a tragic fairy tale?

Just look at the concepts of the albums and music videos they’ve released…

Even the scenes of Joy and Wendy’s solo MVs have nothing to do with AI

Red Velvet is already a concept party… So mixing them with Kwangya is just a mess

[+349, -13]

1. [+237, -0] The only group that suits Kwangya is Aespa… SM is just trying to connect everything

2. [+109, -0] ?? Red Velvet has nothing to do with Kwangya, even looking at Queendom

3. [+94, -0] SM pushes the concept of Red Velvet and Kwangya separately. They only try to connect them when they feel necessary, at an SM concert or something

4. [+26, -0] Looks like they have a tragic fairy tale concept for this comeback too

5. [+25, -0] I really like Red Velvet’s concept, so I think Kwangya is a bit..ㅋㅋ Aespa is Aespa, Red Velvet is Red Velvet, Soo Man-ah why do they always go to Kwangya? Please protect Red Velvet’s concept

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