People say that there is no female idol as pretty as Irene debuting these days

But why don’t female idols like Irene debut?

These days female idols are tall, have good proportions, and are pretty… but it’s a pity that no female idols can succeed Irene’s visuals… I really like Yoona, Jisoo, Irene ㅜ

[+34, -55]

1. [+77, -11] But isn’t it weirder that female idols with faces like Irene’s keep debuting?

2. [+51, -5]

3. [+37, -8] There are a lot of pretty female idols but the problem is that they’re not as pretty as Irene

4. [+37, -24] Kwon Eunbi looks a bit like Irene

5. [+30, -35] Her nose bridge and eyes are completely different from hers now…

6. [+21, -19] Just plastic surgery

7. [+17, -0] There are many female idols who are pretty but not as pretty as Irene… Not only Irene, other female idols too, there’s no female idol as pretty as Yoona

8. [+11, -0] Before plastic surgery

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