People say that there is no female idol as pretty as Irene debuting these days

But why don’t female idols like Irene debut?

These days female idols are tall, have good proportions, and are pretty… but it’s a pity that no female idols can succeed Irene’s visuals… I really like Yoona, Jisoo, Irene ㅜ

[+34, -55]

1. [+77, -11] But isn’t it weirder that female idols with faces like Irene’s keep debuting?

2. [+51, -5]

3. [+37, -8] There are a lot of pretty female idols but the problem is that they’re not as pretty as Irene

4. [+37, -24] Kwon Eunbi looks a bit like Irene

5. [+30, -35] Her nose bridge and eyes are completely different from hers now…

6. [+21, -19] Just plastic surgery

7. [+17, -0] There are many female idols who are pretty but not as pretty as Irene… Not only Irene, other female idols too, there’s no female idol as pretty as Yoona

8. [+11, -0] Before plastic surgery

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yocoochi smells

These sm stans are the worst, wony easily outmatch her in every aspect.


WY ?? That’s a man right?


Not even just Wonyoung. I can name literally 15 4th gen idols off the top of my head right now that out match her. This is just brainless SM stans always pushing her down everyone else’s throat.

spicy spice

pretty but psycho.

Salt of the earth

They must not seen how beautiful Kim Garam is, her personality, face and talents are out of this world.




To be fair, irene got alot of work done. So did wonyoung and many others. Its fine to get plastic surgery but at least dont be so confident about your favs looks post surgery. There is a reason why jun ji hyun, suzy, kim tae hee, song hye kyo. Nana are all legendary. Before debut and after they look the same


Why they bragging about her visual with that crappy attitude 😅


Cuz they’re Koreans. They all have crappy attitudes and think they’re superior in attractiveness but give off robot zombie vibes.


Kim Garam was about to be considered as the prettiest 4th gen but her past was dirty


Maybe bc ppl care more about talents now? Irene is never known about anything other than her face


I mean it’s not a natural face so what’s there to brag 💀

It's whatever

idek why i thought irene was a natural beauty like yoona, I’m really disappointed for a weird reason


yoona isn’t natural at all

seungri is free

Nice small milf 🙂 stfup every1


Don’t disrespect Jimin & Oli london like that




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There’s plenty to pick from and way less problematic than Irene. Won Young. Sull Yoon, J, Hanni, Hae Rin, Kazuha, etc.


untalented, plastic, old and a bully 💀💀

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