People talk about Big Bang Taeyang leaving YG and moving to The Black Label

Big Bang Taeyang left YG, went to The Black Label “Continue to work hard for Big Bang”

“Taeyang will be promoting under our associated company, The Black Label. We are excited to share the new start of Taeyang. The fact that he is a YG family and a Big Bang member doesn’t change.”

1. If you see articles like this coming out, looks like his solo album is coming out

2. Please give me a solo album… I really feel sorry for his voice

3. I think he’s about to release a solo album

4. I thought he left YG, but I’m disappointed that it’s still YG

5. I want to listen to his album soon

6. Big Bang is over anyway

7. He moved from YG to YG

8. I just thought about Somi and Taeyang’s collaboration, I hope both Somi and Taeyang will have lots of activities

9. No, I was surprised when I saw him leave YG, but The Black Labelㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. I don’t know what big difference this will make. Just release an album soon

11. Anyway, I’m waiting for Taeyang’s album

12. I’m not waiting for Big Bang activities. Only Taeyang will be active in the future

13. It’s YG’s label

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if you know you know

Taeyang he’s only one that doesnt have scandal (maybe marriage but I don’t think that is even “scandal”
TOP: smoking marijuana with Han Seo Hee during 3 different occasions (not counting smoking at home without being caught) , Overdosed but thankfully brought back alive, 10-month jail term with a two-year probation, and he was placed as a public service worker
Seungri: Well, we all know what happened the burning sun scandal prostitution and want to add, Pictures of him in bed and him choking a women during s*x.
G-Dragon:caught smoking marijuana in Japan in 2011 (some say he still do) even tho it is very illegal in korea
Delaying his military kind of different from the government asking the idol to delay and the government official who make the recommendation but in this case, it is G-Dragon himself that ask to delay
Daesung: Not many know but Daesung killed someone in a car accident. He hit someone who end up dead


what’s the connection between TAEYANG leaving YG and BB scandals? and correct your information
TOP never go to jail and it’s just a weed
GDRAGON never ask to delay and also it’s just a weed why you take it serious lol
DAESUNG never kill someone the man was dead before

Last edited 1 month ago by Hhh

Daesung was driving too fast that’s why he hit them, he could not stop cause he was driving too fast, that’s a fact. Also who even knows if the person was really dead already when he hit them when YG has the police in his pocket at the time, hmm?


Police said it’s too difficult to know if the man dead by dae or he was dead before that💀💀💀
And victim family forgive him why you mad?


And YG pays the police to cover up crimes so what’s not clicking lmao. Even the Burning Sun scandal has allegedly top police authorities involved. Shady shady shady YG


Daesung also has controversy about his building.


the court formally acquitted him
Please update your information


Pointless argument. Courts acquitted O.J. Simpson and Casey Anthony but they still most likely did the crime lol

Winter bear

Jimin next


He can replace seungri in big bang


Why would Jimin leave his global group for a local fad group of wannabe Chris Browns. Criminal and all. Keep your rapist to yourself. Freak.


Is Jimin part of Big Bang now wtf no need to bring him up here


When you learn to use your brain, you realize that collaboration isn’t just among “good-natured” artists. If you lived in America, you would probably die because of drug users, prostitutions etc.


All these criminal bigbang members need to retire already.


Disbandment for the criminal wannabe group is imminent. Deserved. Bp next. Amen.

Dea n

Say good bye to sleep Theodore
Look forward to another 5 year hiatus Taeyang. You’ll probably be 39 before you can release shit


It’s crazy how ARMY are flocking here asking for disbandment. It’s not happening. Anyway, clearly YB’s ready for a comeback and it makes sense he’s not technically leaving YG since if he goes anywhere else, he literally cannot promote as himself but will have to take on an entirely new name. There’s a lot of reason as to why he left YGE proper and moved to an affiliate agency, but it’s clear he really wants to be with the team who knows him best.

Queen Lisa

Tbh, I really don’t think we’d see BB as a group for a long time. Maybe they will reunite for a 25th or 30th anniversary but the writing’s on the wall. Taeyang moving to TBL is clear indication he wants to be away or separated from the YG name. Sure it’s still YG but he could have remained with YG but he didn’t. Also, Daesung just left YG too. Clearly, the group is no longer what they want.

Naeun joined YG and said she would stay in APINK just this year but she ultimately left the group shortly after signing. So I think the same for BB.

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