People talk about LE SSERAFIM’s first ‘FEARLESS’ stage after their debut

LE SSERAFIM’s first ‘FEARLESS’ stage after their debut

1. This concept is perfect for Huh Yunjin. Why did they choose that concept and give the center to the other members?

2. They dance well, and the members seem to have good skills ㅠㅠ But the song is a bit disappointing

3. No matter how I look at them, I don’t understand why the center is Kim Garam… I think the center is Huh Yunjin or Kim Chaewon would be much better

4. Huh Yunjin’s voice sounds like Krystal’s voice

5. Huh Yunjin stands out the most, she’s good on stage too

6. Chaewon and Huh Yunjin are the best, the song is addictive

7. Huh Yunjin is a real treasure..

8. Kazuha and Yunjin stand out on stage, they perform well and are so pretty

9. Yunjin, Kim Chaewon, and Kazuha are really good

10. This song is good by my standards

11. Kim Garam has no talent and her expressions aren’t good either… Her dance isn’t even pretty, but I don’t know why they can’t lose her…

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