People talk about NewJeans’ singing skills after watching encore fancam on Inkigayo

NewJeans # 1 encore fancam on Inkigayo

1. They all did well, especially Hanni and Danielle were really good

2. They’re all rookies, but they’re so good

3. Minji’s voice is amazing ㅠㅠ They are doing so well

4. They are doing well, I’m sure they will do better in the future

5. I can’t hear Haerin’s voice, but the other members are really good

6. Everyone is fine, but Danielle’s voice is good and she sings live well

7. I was amazed with Danielle’s voiceㅋㅋ I thought she was just a visual member

8. Oh, they’re so good, but Hanni’s pronunciation doesn’t sound clear when she sings, so I hope she pays more attention to that part

9. Danielle and Hanni sing well.. But it’s not a song to show off their singing skills

10. Congratulations, they are doing so well!

11. Danielle is doing so well, her smile is so pretty, it makes me feel better just looking at her

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