People want to go to LE SSERAFIM’s concert after watching their stages at the Golden Disc Awards

[Golden Disc Awards] LE SSERAFIM “The Great Mermaid + Fearless + Impurities + No celestial” stage

I want to go to the concert of LE SSERAFIM

1. Wow, they’re really good. I want to watch their fancams

2. I also want to go to the concert of LE SSERAFIM

3. Huh Yunjin is seriously pretty. Everyone is good on stage

4. The choreography is intense, but the live is amazing..

5. LE SSERAFIM is always so good

6. It’s great that they sing while dancing like that..

7. I really enjoy watching their stage

8. If they hold a concert, it will be fun

9. I also have to go to the concert, the stage is fun and good

10. When is their concert held? I’m looking forward to it

11. I really like LE SSERAFIM these days

12. All songs are good. Of course, all the members are nice and cool

13. Do you think Kim Chaewon is the best?

14. Huh Yunjin’s face is really crazy

15. They dance really well and sing live well too

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chaewon ATE


no cause their performances are really good , they used the stage so well too like from left and right up to the middle stage like it’s so satisfying.

And I really like the No Celestial stage , they looked so so happy performing on stage and it makes me feel their excitement too like I’m on the stage with them


Bact at hybe mediaplay again 😂

Bring back discuss

You really dont know what mediaplay is do you…?


It’s hilarious how people hear words they don’t understand like “media play” “payola” etc and just use them to diss companies and groups they don’t like without actually looking at a dictionary to see what those words mean.

Astounds me every time.

Lazy Banana

They really thought by commenting that over and over again the groups they diss will fall from grace lol. Idiots.


Like IVE’s mediaplay


Seriously, le sserafim are the best performance in 4th gen especially among other girl group! They always provide fun and amazing stage, it feels like they did more than 100% their energy on stage 🔥🔥🔥


Hope this year tour will come to my country, will grab the ticket!!


Not really interested in this grp, songs are a bit boring. Clicked the 2nd last one where at least 3 were lipsyncing. And the front part is just them walking…it’s not gd enough t ok match the comments.

Lazy Banana

Then why tf are you here lol. It’s giving jobless pfft


u can hear them hit their mics accidentally they are singing live here lmao


They literally screamed at one point in the performance to prove they were singing live lmao

I don't make the rules

Srly, they’re really good on stage. I’m usually more of just listening to music rather than watching the performance but they’re worth it. Best 4th performers indeed


They are very good, great stage presence and their dancing is getting better and better. I like how they strive to offer something different even though they sing the same songs, I hope they have more soon so I can enjoy watching them perform. 


Yunjin is an amazing singer… Her high notes when she was jumping during Blue Flame at another event were AMAZING. Chaewons voice is amazing. Eunchae and Sakura are so good too, they really know how to pull off the choreography. Kazuha had my eye on her the whole time.


lip sync queens



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