People were surprised by BTS V’s body when he shared about his military life on Instagram during vacation

BTS V updates Instagram photos during vacation

“Allegiance 🫡
Is everyone doing well?
I’m working out healthily and also wearing the cool black uniform*
and getting cool training and doing well!
I came on a break for a short time to wish Na PD-nim on his birthday and and spent time great time while talking with friends about military (life) after a long time.l
I’m currently 75kg after working out diligently but
Our military warriors’ bodies are (in) great (shape) so I have to try a little harder.. I’ll try hard 🔥bye~ 🙌”

“Hi/bye 🔥”

1. Wow, he’s even cooler ㅠㅠ

2. V is getting more and more handsome

3. Taehyung’s body is getting bigger and stronger! I wonder how difficult it was ㅠㅠ Please take care of your health 💜Don’t get injured💜

4. Taehyung is so cool

5. Wow, he’s really cool. It’s really difficult to have a body like that but he’s amazing. But V has an image that you can truly trust no matter where he is or what he does

6. He’s wearing a black uniform ㅠㅠ Looking at his body, I can clearly see how much effort he put in. Please take care of your health

7. He has become a lot cooler but the way he talks is still so cute

8. There’s a scar on his back ㅠㅠㅠㅠ He’s become more manly and handsome, Taehyung-ah ㅠㅠㅠ I miss you

9. He is a manly man, before he looked like a prince from a fairy tale, but now he looks cool

10. The way he talks is so kind and he is so handsome, I really like V

11. Taehyung can do anything

12. Kim Taehyung is so cool

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