People wonder if Han So Hee will still be famous or not after her scandal

But Han So Hee will still be famous, right?

Her face is still so pretty

1. If she acts well, her scandal will be buried

2. Her image was ruined

3. The next project is so important, if it goes well and she acts well then her image will bounce back, if the project doesn’t go well then… it will take some time to bounce back again

4. If a good movie comes out, will the public watch it?

5. If she chooses good works and acts well, things will get better

6. To be honest, even if you have 1 million followers, you are still famous, eat well, live well, now it is 17 times more so she will live well anyway

7. If her work goes well.. But every time new news about Han So Hee comes out, there will be a lot of ridicule

8. Well, I don’t think she’s popular with the public anymore

9. It doesn’t matter as long as the job goes well

10. I don’t think I’ll see her as much as before

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