A Thai actor who gave up everything and started over as a K-pop trainee

Person who used to be a Thai actor but he loved K-pop so much that he went to Korea and started over as a trainee

Yorch Yongsin Wongpanitnon

He has been a child actor and model since he was 10 years old

He said that he wanted to be a K-pop idol so much that he gave up everything and went to Korea

He joined SM, but left the company and joined HYBE

And he will be debuting as a member of Big Hit’s rookie boy group

A Thai will debut as a member of BTS’ junior group

It’s said that it has become a topic of discussion in Thailand as well as news

1. He doesn’t look like a Big Hit idol, he looks like an EXO member

2. Although BTS did so well without foreign members, why does HYBE always debut foreign idols? Are they worried about the new group’s popularity abroad?

3. Is he the center?

4. He looks like EXO Sehun

5. I hate it because there are a lot of foreigners

6. They look like a cover dance group

7. He’s so handsome… I can see an EXO member’s faceㅋㅋ

8. He’s handsomeㅋㅋ Like Lisa, he seems to be so popular in Thailand

9. His visuals are good. I hope he has good skills

10. I think he’s the most handsome in this group

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