Photowall of Korean celebrity ambassadors at the Louis Vuitton show

NewJeans Hyein


Stray Kids Felix

1. Hyein’s proportions are amazing

2. Hyein is crazy.. She looks like a professional model

3. By the way, Hyein is so pretty

4. I really like both Hyein and Yongbok, the Louis Vuitton models are so cute

5. Hyein is so cool, look at her proportions, she’s just a model

6. Hyein’s proportions are amazing, she’s so pretty

7. Hyein is pretty and her aura is no joke

8. Taeyeon looks youthful

9. Yongbok is so cool.. Taeyeon and Hyein are also so pretty and cool

10. Hyein is crazy, she’s a model

11. Hyein really looks like a model

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