Picture of Lisa’s performance on the Crazy Horse show

Female dancer


1. If you want to be a stripper then go for it, but don’t say you’re a K-Pop idol

2. Celebrities really need to be aware of their influence and be careful with what they do, but it seems like she doesn’t think about that

3. Stop being a singer and just become a stripper

4. But she looks happy

5. Please get rid of the K-pop label and work as a Thai singer

6. I really don’t understand the individual activities of BLACKPINK members;;;

7. Why is she the only one wearing a bra?

8. I wonder how Western fans will react???

9. Isn’t she a Celine ambassador? She has changed into a stripper ambassador

10. A female idol is stripping. It really goes beyond imagination

11. This is my first time writing a comment about this but I don’t want to say anything to Lisa, I’m just shocked

12. What is the difference between this and BJ?

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