Pictures of Yoon Sang’s son who will debut as a member of SM’s rookie boy group

He’s over 180 cm

1. He looks like Jungkook + Hyungwon

2. He looks like Yoon Sang

3. He’s handsome, but I think Yoon Sang is a musical genius, so I’m looking forward to him more

4. Since his parents are celebrities, he must have good basic skills

5. He really looks like Hyungwon, he’s handsome

6. He’s so handsome!!!! He plays the guitar well and is an amateur swimmer

7. Jeno + Renjun + Taemin

8. I’m looking forward to SM’s rookie boy group

9. Wow… It would be even better if he inherited his father’s musical talent

10. He really has a face that will attract attention no matter what he does

11. Wow I think I found my ideal type

12. The future of K-pop is very bright

13. Sometimes I see Jungkook’s face from pictures

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