“Please change the venue in Korea” Tickets for BTS Suga’s solo tour in the US are sold out

Tickets for BTS Suga’s solo tour in the US are sold out

Seoul concert.. Everyone fighting..

1. I’m so jealous… I can’t go to the US because I don’t have money, but I will definitely go to Southeast Asia and Seoul ㅠ

2. I’m worried about the ticket in Korea, can they change to the stadium now?

3. Seriously ㅠㅠ I’m dying of worry that there won’t be a seat for me ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

4. The concert hall is too… small…..

5. The arena is too small, it should have been the stadium

6. I was so anxious. I didn’t think there would be a seat for me ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

7. If the venue is small, they should increase the number of times ㅠㅠ When can I go to Yoongi’s concert?

8. The Korean concert is in big trouble ㅠㅠ The venue is too small

9. Yoongi-ya, if increasing the number of concerts is physically difficult, just make the venue a bit bigger

10. Please add Daegu Stadium ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

11. I’m worried about the Seoul concert

12. Is there a seat for me in Korea?

13. Please change the venue in Korea

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bts army7263

yoongi could easily sell out stadiums. PLEASE GIVE US STADIUMS


yeah, he can but you also have to factor in if yoongi even wants to do stadium tours by himself in the first place.

stadiums are a big leap from arenas, and can be daunting if this is his first solo concert tour.


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While I feel absolutely gutted about not being able to attend, I can’t help but be so incredibly proud of Yoongi 😭 This is so exciting!! Hope he’ll have the best of times on tour

Though, I can’t help but wonder where the ‘BTS won’t be successful as individuals’ crowd has been ever since Bangtan started their solo promotions (?) All that barking just to get proven wrong time and again must’ve been hella tiring




they think being a successful solo artist is tiktok virality😭 hobi performing at the biggest crowd lollapalooza has seen, joon collabing with musical legends and doing tiny desk, jin performing with a legendary group, yoongi selling out venues that’s not even in his home turf, jungkook doing the world cup and having the most popular wc song since waka waka, jimin already on his way to breaking sales records, and taehyung expanding his reach with variety shows. a mega successful group managing to have all their members be successful even as soloists is unheard of but considering the “they’ll flop as soloists🤣” crowd consists of exols—a fandom of a declining group with only virality amongst kpop stans—and blinks—a fandom of 4 dozens who’s only famous because they can sell a self-projecting fantasy—i know they can’t comprehend real, tangible, organic success.


Hey suga Please tell uglyy uncle Jungloo to take shower 🤣 he look even more old and uglyy without shower 🤣


i’d say something about blackpink but you’d accuse me of being a misogynist so let me keep my mouth shut. all i’ll say is, worry about jennie willingly being in a show that objectifies her just because she’s so desperate for white people validation!


What happened to her show?


Very sexual n disturbing.


Just watched Phil Defranco talk abt the RollingStones article on how it’s been suffering production hell too. The original director left 4/5th of the way done and the new director basically redid the entire show and made it some soulless r*pe fantasy story, which made the crew mad bc the director also took out the whole empowerment message in the original script.

Considering how the plot is supposed to be abt how a woman in the music industry basically sells herself to be a man’s s3x slave bc she believes she needs him to make her music successful, ummm why is anyone supporting this???


Oh i read about the show. Thats sound disturbing. And the fact that alot of blink are still so young, imagine watching that show. I hope she just cameo in ep1.


article said that she barely has any lines… they just used her for clout


Nobody going to flopga concerts 🤣


I know blonk jealous their faves cant do solo tour because their faves only have 2 songs lmao. Also if bp themselves struggle to get 100k units in US, i am betting their solos gonna be alot worst lol.


oh don’t talk about concerts as a blink. aside from the fact that they suck, it’s funny that the only places they’re able to stadiums is in sea countries which is great for their streaming farms but it must be so sad for them considering they only care about performing well for white people 🙁


It really embarrassing writing this in a post about a sold out concert.
My suggestion is to go back to school to improve your reading comprehension. Good luck in your study 🙂🙂

WhatsThe Point

No this is so iconic, BTSas a group and as soloists have the capacity to sell out stadiums. Damn the demand is real, I fear for the future ot7 concert

⟭⟬ ᴮᴱHolly Kookie⁷ ⟬⟭🧈

I aslo fear for the next schedule in Indonesia where I live.
This tour is a HOT topic here in Indonesia.
Please, let me get the seat.


I think they start a small venue first cause he needs to be mentally prepared to perform in front of thousands of people, alone
Its not only physically drained, mentally as well
I think he can slowly upgrade the concert once he is used to it

Bitter sugar

I wanna see jk, v and jimin irl but suga is a big no. He’s just too ugly and I will never spend my money to watch talentless laze and fake rapper idol like him blabber unknown song


Daegu stadium is such a great idea


1. I’m so jealous… I can’t go to the US because I don’t have money, but I will definitely go to Southeast Asia and Seoul ㅠ



It was obvious that this would happen, the tour when they come back in 2025 is going to be a hunger games. 


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We want Stadiums concerts
Its better for him to perform in Stadiums than performing 3 consecutive days in small arenas


it’s his first solo tour. i’m sure stadiums must feel a bit too daunting for him.

seungri is free

Just small arenas for 100 ratmys 🙂 flopga not interesting anyone

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