Police and firefighters were dispatched to Weverse Con because of the chaos

Weverse Con seems to be going crazy in real time…

The barricades were falling all over the place, and audience members had to hold them down personally. Eventually, the police and fire department were dispatched due to the number of injuries

1. What will they do if accidents happen?

2. Where did their brains for work go? Are they really going to do things this carelessly? How pathetic

3. As expected from HYBE

4. If the concert already started, and they couldn’t enter yet, of course those who paid 170,000 won wouldn’t stay still. I think people should try to boycott them once

5. It seems even worse than last year. This year there were too many artists appearing so the tickets were too expensive so I couldn’t go

6. Don’t waste your money, fans, please wake up…

7. What is HYBE doing after raising all the prices of K-Pop tickets?

8. They don’t spend too much money, right? This could be resolved if they hired more staff. They are saving too much money

9. HYBE again?

10. I’m glad I didn’t go to Weverse Con

11. They’re basically not doing their jobs

12. To see your faves perform two or three songs for 170,000 won

13. Seriously, what is HYBE good at?

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