Pre-orders for Seventeen’s 10th mini album surpass 4 million copies

Pre-orders for Seventeen’s 10th mini album surpass 4 million copies [Official]

According to album distributor YG PLUS on the 13th, domestic and international pre-orders for Seventeen’s 10th mini album ‘FML’, which will be released at 6pm on the 24th, have surpassed 4 million copies

1. Wow, 4 million copies?!?!?! Hul Seventeen, I’m proud of you

2. Crazy, I haven’t bought it yet but I’ll buy it soon;;

3. Wow, which country are they most popular in? They sell so well

4.I should have bought HYBE stock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. 4 million copies??? Daebak daebak

6. What is the reason why Seventeen exploded in China? (I don’t know..)

7. Wow, this year’s album of the year winner will be Seventeen

8. Are they more popular than BTS now?

9. Did they surpass BTS? They must be so popular… I was surprised

10. ? Do they sell more than BTS?

11. Hul, I haven’t bought it yet…?

12. Wow Seventeen is so cool

13. 4 million copies, isn’t that a new record?

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physical sales is no longer a sign of how popular a group is. Still public recognitions, digital hits are more important. Even a group with no gp recognition can sell lots of albums but not many listen to their songs.

Color color stan

and is the both in the same room with us?


True…but physical sales are more profitable than digital. For those streams/download from Melon or any other music sites, the artists are paid too low. Its only $0,5-$1 cmiiw.

So, if the artists can boost their physical and digital at the same time. It considered good.


seventeen never made it to the top of the digital charts, but only with a sub-unit of 3 members. They were in the first places. it is obvious that hybe manipulated the charts, to show his shareholders that they are independent of bts. They also manipulated the charts with txt. hybe was blackmailed in the past for chart manipulation.

Logic Thinker

Hybe what? I remember when Big hit was accused of sajaegi and someone started an investigation that was dropped after because of big hit not HAVING THE RESOURCES FOR THAT ☠️

Y’all need to stop they were not found guilty

WhatsThe Point

All those multiple versions of albums, selling millions of copies yet no one listening to the music. No global charts entry no nothing.
Need ifpi to put a cap on number of album versions, it’s ridiculous

mother dozen

they seriously need to. it’s a joke that these groups are selling so much only for their spotify streams to stagnate at 10m unless they go tiktok viral🙄hybe’s just as annoying doing all this for every group except bts. if they were gonna limit hobi’s albums for “environmental” reasons, they should focus on their other groups’ albums.


they have 3 versions for this album and they’re one of the few bgs that chart in sk like y’all are just mindless haters fr


lol don’t lie there are 3 normal versions + 1 kits + 1 weverse version + 13 carat versions = 18 versions. 600 photocards and to participate in the fansign and fancall raffle, you have to buy all 18 versions. and it has custom fansign and fancall for japan, korea and china

Color color stan

Are they more popular than bts now is the most delusional question i have ever heard in my life lol. carrots really are insane lol. at least get a PAK first 🤭

Also all this mess for pre orders, pls at least wait for actual sales lol.


they could get a PAK, hybe has been manipulating the charts. 17 was never at the top of the digital charts, but a sub unit of 3 people from his group did, same with txt.


Yougji carried that song lol,txt heavily carried by fandom


but hit that record pre-pandemic lol

mother dozen

and without 13 versions lol


they have 3 versions for this cb also the 13 ver album was ONE fan album like not a single other album has 13 vers are y’all fucking stupid?


Counting all the versions there are a total of 18 versions, 600 photocards and exclusive fansing and fancall for china, korea and japan, where every time you want to participate in the draw, you have to buy all 18 versions. bts had none of that


Let see their streams then if they can even have 4M debut streams


BTS been there done that a whole 3 years ago. They not only had growing sales numbers but also digitals both domestically and internationally of the level no other group was matching back then or even now coz please be serious, you wanna tell me seventeen is mainstream on the same level as BTS? How many streams do they have on Spotify and melon again?


4M copies with how many versions? Hope they have energy to stream digitally local and globally so they can match that physical sales.


with 3 versions


18 versions, 600 photocards and exclusive fansing and fancall for china, korea and japan, where every time you want to participate in the draw, you have to buy all 18 versions. bts had none of that


You can’t compare with bts, when seventeen has 18 versions, 600 photocards, fansign and fancall one for korea, one for china and one for japan. and their albums sell cheap, and to participate in a fansign and fancall you have to buy all the versions. Pre-orders don’t equal sales, many of those albums stay in stores. since hybe wants to show that they are independent from bts, he stopped announcing the pre-order number of bts. Army opens his eyes, stops giving money to hybe, that money is used in other groups, to make the owner of hybe richer, and uses it in shady things, but nothing to promote bts. bts should leave hybe and sign with an international company.


albums that will find a home in the sea😔

Like Crazy

Lol they will never be as popular as Twice let alone Kingtan

Teenaged puppy

So disrespectful to bts


Their fans are delusional lol. They dont even beat twice, exo and even wanna one. They should have no1 song on melon first lol. No need to talk abt spotify…4th gen grp are outstreaming them by large gap lol


you’re delusional if you think wannaone and exo are relevant anymore, also their subunit literally charted no1 on melon this year, with only 3 members too so yea I don’t think they’re worried about being ‘outstreamed’ lmaoo


More money for BTS.

Jon Xina

Please someone show me some Seventeen fans? Like ass streaming on every international platform, not a single hit in Korea, no major sponsorship or endorsements, no solo hits, no viral moment, terrible views, terrible international charting and even outside of Japan their touring is underwhelming. They also have really poor social media and tiktok engagements so it’s like…where are their fans?

Like what’s going on? Their fans just don’t use any streaming service? Don’t use social media apps? Never try to talk about or promote their faves? Why isn’t this the same for most groups selling high?


Ended bts

Color color stan

Ended bts with what? lol also fun fact everytime seventeen sells something, bts gets money cause they’re literally hybe stockholders, keep buying, bts will be buying snack with the profits 🤭


Comment #7 ? , Wait for SKZ comeback first


It would be funny if they couldn’t sell it despite those many versions lol


BTS sells millions, despite both expensive and limited edition albums. So it’s ridiculous to even compare. A band that hasn’t even made it to the US charts yet. And they’re not doing well on the charts in Korea either.

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