Preview pictures of BLACKPINK as the headliner at Hyde Park festival in the UK

At the Hyde Park festival in the UK, BLACKPINK performed as the headliner, the outfits were legendary, and the styling was also legendary





[+65, -10]

1. [+15, -1] This time Jisoo’s visuals were legendary.. If you watch the video, you will see that the wind supports Jisoo a lot

2. [+6, -1] All 65,000 seats sold outㄷㄷ As expected, they are the top overseas

3. [+6, -0] BLACKPINK is so cool ♡

4. [+5, -1] BLACKPINK seemed to cry while performing~ A lot of Brits went there

5. [+5, -0] Jennie is crazy

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Ladyboy Lisa

Dozens 😍


Yes jisoo the mother of dozen


Lisa looks old her forehead is carzy ugly


She’s always ugly


You’re the only one here looking ugly and fat. Calling Lisa ugly when she can pull your favs without hesitation, don’t project your insecurities onto her, you probably look like squidward


She looks more beautiful than you and your deadbeat mom, she should’ve taken that pill before she popped your fat head out of her pussy fucking bitch


Lisa makes me ill


Rosé is sooo pretty vocals and visuals queen Lisa looks like a hag jisoo is ok I guess Jennie 👀 umm is there I guess


Lisa = skinny, clear pale skin, tall, most popular kpop soloist, biggest idol. You = a f/-\t ug!ymy or ret4rdonce , you already take last place for stanning the group who will never have first place 😭😭

Army sister twice



Bangfloptwice fan mad blackpink is more popular then both of those groups, get over it, bts are old, can’t sing and probably gonna get sh0t in the military and twice are jus irrelevant and will never scrape blackpinks fame a day in their life, Jeongyeon will become sknny before then🖤💗

blinks need to shut the fuck up actually

convinced being mentally ill is truly a requirement for being a blink, but what else can we expect when yall stan them ran through, uneducated dozens? like idols like fans frfr


65 upvotes post with nothing but pictures getting “translated”. admin’s standards are lower than the titanic wreck…


The slutnie self drag. The contrast between her Hollywood drama visuals vs Korean styling shows exactly how ugly she is without makeup or with minimal styling. Her bloated puffer fish face was on full display. The way YG mediaplay goes crazy for these dozens who look like hags without yg stylists not being able to save them.

Stiffsoo their self claimed prettiest member looked like an ugly clown in her drama too. Everything about these girls is fabricated. And let’s not even talk about insecure Chinse and ladyboy lisa


You’re probably a btsflop or unknowntwice fan, I get you’re mad blackpink are more popular then both, the locals and public prefer blackpink and will always prefer blackpink, blackpinks visuals trend every time they do a big event, you’re at home probably desi or white, acne on your face and greasy hair and probably f. Blackpink are the biggest group in the world 💕


I think Jennie is junkie. The last year she has been seriously addicted, which explains her disgusting behavior on stage, mood swings, when she barely moves on stage to ridiculous convulsions, which her fans consider energetic dances. It is logical that she looks bad, 10 years older than her age, which is a shame for an Asian.


The way it shows y’all are lying through your teeth and are extremely jealous of how beautiful Jennie looks, y’all are so shameful. For even saying something like that itself is so disgusting and disrespectful to her as an idol and as a person, a HUMAN. Grow up and go outside.


Disgusting and disrespectful is leaving stage without excuses, lazy performing, boring bitch face during the consent, showing genitals. You better find another fav, stop wasting your time by defending an impudent junkie.


they’re disbanding lol


No they’re not, google is free💕


Jump scares. Knetz and inks need to stop acting like YG didn’t buy those tickets out at the last minute so they can say it was sold out… and 65k was shared among like ten acts. Be serious


Why willingly show everyone how retard3d you sound? 65k tickets were sold individually for blackpink, you’re probably a fan of btass or the nugus twice, stay mad that blackpink will always be more popular then twice and is now overtaking bts 💕💕


I’ll be honest rose is the only decent looker now. Lisa is a hit or flop. Jennie and jisso…idk what happened. Especially jennie, I think her lifestyle is showing on her face and she’s only 30 now.


the twice stan…the only thing showing in jeongyeons rolls everytime she’s flopping around the place. Focus on how mom0 had us all questioning whether it was the laxatives she had taken to stay sknny or the loads shot down her throat so she can stay in twice, had finally caught up to her vocals and gave us that mess during that more & more encore. 💕💕


Please stop protecting.


I WAS THEREEE it was so amazingggg

Not a fan

All the photos look edited like they have the soft filter but they tried to make it look unedited by brightening them up rose photos look the most realistic


The most mid performers EVER.
And their dogs lick it all up cz their standards are so fckin low…these
btches deserve eo. Both idol and fans are corrupt, airheaded idiots.


Blinks have low standards, they are ready to pay for a low quality show and not be indignant when one member brazenly leaves the stage without an apology or explanation.


She literally apologized, staff explained she’s been sick all day and got food poisoning.


Yet you weren’t there. EVERYONE there including Hugh grant himself LOVED the concert. Notice how it’s only you jealous pathetic people saying this stuff out of pettiness and jealousy of blackpinks successful career.

go seek mental help

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