Promotional video that was shot by IVE Jang Wonyoung’s older sister

Actress Jang Da Ah (her real name is Jang Jinyoung)

1. Their lips look the same when they smile

2. I see Jang Wonyoung in her smile

3. I don’t know it when I look at her pictures, but when I watch the video, I can see Wonyoung’s face when she smiles

4. Her smile is really pretty.. I hope her acting is good

5. She looks much prettier in the video

6. I think she has Park Shin Hye vibes

7. She looks much prettier in the video.. I’m curious about her acting

8. She looks like Gugudan’s Mimi, she looks like Lee Da In, she has Park Hye Soo’s vibes and she’s innocent

9. I think Hanbok will suit her

10. I didn’t know it when I saw her pictures, but when I watched the video, it was Wonyoung!!!!!

11. I’m really curious about their parents’ genes, they’re so pretty

12. I can see Wonyoung when she smiles

13. Wow, looking at the video, she looks like Wonyoung

14. She looks a bit like Giselle

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