Proof that BTS Jungkook’s dating rumors in Jeju Island were fabricated

Proof that Jungkook’s dating rumors in Jeju Island were fabricated

On November 8, last year, it was rumored that Jungkook visited a famous meat restaurant called Seoksukdo in Jeju Island

The restaurant owner confirmed that Jungkook went there with his friends, ate a lot of meat and signed autographs

Yesterday, a photo of Jungkook at a restaurant at that time appeared and spread rumors that he was dating his girlfriend

“Jungkook was caught on a date with his girlfriend in Jeju Island. Taehyung and Jennie have been dating since last year…”

These are the messages between the restaurant owner and a foreign fan

Jungkook went there with 3 boys and 1 girl and the girl next to him was the female employee, not his girlfriend

Maybe she’s an employee of HYBE

Jungkook is an adult, he can date

Stop spreading false rumors

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Jungkook I always trusted you, you never disappoint. Although you can date whoever you want except one of the pinks. The one who should be burned is taehyung for dating jennie. He didn’t do a weverse live on his birthday, because he was having a date with jennie at the paradise hotel. and the employees heard moans from their room hahaha


go to sleep, you need it.


Lmaoo ik you’re trolling but its funny… anyways jungkook and tae can do whatever they wants.

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I’m not trolling, that post existed. translation:

V and Jennie spotted on a date at Paradise Hotel.}

V and Jennie spotted on a date at Paradise Hotel.
My friend works at Paradise Hotel and he saw jennie and V stay at the hotel from Christmas to 12.31. Jennie used a chartered plane to go to Korea. Jennie posted pics of the hotel on her instagram. V is close friends with the owner of the hotel and it is forbidden for workers to talk to their friends or family or the media that taehyung and jennie are dating at the hotel.. However my friend told me everything about it. My friend went to their room one day and he could hear moans from their room.


Said being a staff n ready to be fired to expose this when its so easy to know who the staff. Sound fake or its just sasaeng exaggerating things.


I saw another post saying they went to lotte world them park during Christmas on disguise tho……?


with two of V’s friend and Jennie holding hands and Jennie wearing a brown leather jacket and V with grey jacket


Get off drugs.


Damn. Have you met your doctor today?


ok chronically online loser


Tae don’t date loose hole sluts. Try again.


hmm, seems like he does. his agency would’ve denied the rumors if he wasn’t dating her lol

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jennie dated 1 or 2 people and you’re saying this? meanwhile tae has literally admitted in an interview that he’s had “many” girlfriends in the past, and that they weren’t serious. so what now? the misogyny smh


Yeah V is a slut too


He is gay


have u been seeing your psychiatrist lately?


I thought junkook dating lisa?


He can’t date whoever he want. Stop telling him what to do.


i think its just so pathetic fans tried to prove that this girl is not his girlfriend this man is 25 and has been working his ass off for years and ofcourse he dates around there is nothing wrong with it and i really dont understand how the hell the owner could know this is a female staff and i dont even understand why he would go to jeju with staffs she is probably just a friend or his girlfriend [eng is not my first language so forgive my mistakes]


The point here it to denied fabricated rumors made by antis. Nobody cares if he has a gf or not, but clearly she isn’t bc he was there with more people and he wouldn’t be so careless to expose his partner (if he has) just like that. You’re playing into their games, exposing his privacy when he’s just having regular meals with friends. Wtf is wrong with you people


He is technically still preparing for his solo album, BTS and other kpop idols have gone to Jeju to film MVs and other content, it’s popular spot for idols and celebs in general. Idc about dating rumors but to outright say it’s weird to go with staff to a spot known for filming is kinda dumb


We are so done with this fake news. Jungkook is an adult. He hides his relationship if he wants, or he says it openly. But violating privacy in this way is really shitty💀

Lazy Banana

I will not vote at this rigged award, I’m sorry. I’m sure they’ll give the daesang to an SM group. Congrats in advance lol.


Don’t forget to listen jimin and taeyang’s upcoming song “VIBE” ✨


Lol first time I’m hearing this glad to know I follow the right people


lol ikr cuz my tl has been full of run ep and yg’s ig

…and voting encouragement


Leave him alone
Its ok if he dates


Let bts alone. Let them date who they want. They are adults, they shouldnt have to stay single just because some fans are delusional


hvaen’t even heard about this shit until i saw this post. weird for caring about their personal lives

Yana Prim

shippers go crazy every time they see their fav with a girl, it’s so annoying
first of all, why does staff spend time with Jungkook on Jeju after hours? staff doesn’t go with them all the time, only during the official schedule
secondly, how does the owner of the establishment know that it’s staff, if she was sitting next to jungkook, they talked together and probably behaved like friends? she sits next to him, while the real staff is usually not in the center of conversations with them and tries not to interfere
third, stop trying to find an excuse for every interaction tannies with girls this is extremely weird
fourth, the restaurant owner cannot confirm such things. We can only trust jungkook and bh, and if they didn’t say anything about it, then we shouldn’t distribute photos and information about it either. But here we are, under this post, figuring out who this girl is for jungkook. What a cringe. No one takes away taekook and jikook from you, touch the grass and stop forcing it


Well said.
Taekookers and Jikookers are the cancer of this fandom.


Looks like some delulus were pressed 🤭
You ARE the cancer of this fandom and I pray that jungkook will soon be free of you !


Now why is Tae always brought up in everyone else’s drama???


lmao how much his stan paid that restaurant admin to lie? 🤡☠️


plot twist: he is dating one of the boys that went with him
no but for real leave him and his privacy alone, whether he is dating or not or where he goes in his free time has nothing to do with us


It’s gross how often BTS have their privacy invaded or have ppl fabricating rumors abt them just to stir sh*t up. Real fans respect their private lives and want ppl to also respect them as human beings. Ppl who don’t are antis.

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