Pseudo success? HYBE pulls combined 3 versions streams’ to inflate streams for BTS Jungkook

BTS singer and jungkook made his most anticipated debut on July 14 with his collaboration ‘seven’. However, people are pointed out that BTS member’s agency HYBE are pulling every string to make the singer’s debut number’s are shiny.

“Seven” debuted with a whooping 15.9 million streams with 3 versions combines

which earned its #1 on Spotify Global. 

Even fans are pointing out that that streams of 3 versions got combined for a ‘payola boost’. 

People also pointed the case of BTS ‘ON’ and Girl Group TWICE songs (from the album Ready To BE)  which had two seperate versions, but they were counted seperatly by spotify.

Many are pointing it as a company move to inflate his anticipated debut numbers.