Pseudo success? HYBE pulls combined 3 versions streams’ to inflate streams for BTS Jungkook

BTS singer and jungkook made his most anticipated debut on July 14 with his collaboration ‘seven’. However, people are pointed out that BTS member’s agency HYBE are pulling every string to make the singer’s debut number’s are shiny.

“Seven” debuted with a whooping 15.9 million streams with 3 versions combines

which earned its #1 on Spotify Global. 

Even fans are pointing out that that streams of 3 versions got combined for a ‘payola boost’. 

People also pointed the case of BTS ‘ON’ and Girl Group TWICE songs (from the album Ready To BE)  which had two seperate versions, but they were counted seperatly by spotify.

Many are pointing it as a company move to inflate his anticipated debut numbers.

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Bring back discuss

I know you streamed the song OP. Stop making excuses for tuning into the prince of pop’s debut


Jonkok is sleeping with Jeremy oppa??


That is your fav stvpid… Don’t think all people are like your fav


Didn’t know Jeremy oppa has a puzzy


It is bp stan or jk anti….only combined 2 versions like they always do
Anyway being most success as soloist…. Definitely he gets hate


How can that in any way be a “payola boost”


That’s true. It’s not payola. However it does create the illusion that A song achieved 15 million streams when in reality 3 versions of the same song combined achieved that number.


Its the same song? only different in lyrics and the other is just instrumental. How could u be so stvpid?

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lmaooo you must be so miserable, gotta type that fighting through tears because you can’t stand to see jungkook winning


scooter braun is a disgusting pos


armys downvoting me and supporting a lazy, stealing, lying and women hating scammer. the dickriding is crazy..


Go complain to Scooter’s acc. Your complaint is misplaced here


Please don’t use that ID for your username. Even blind people will know your true face. IF BTS ever did a payola, then its over for all your matter what region, eastern or western. Seven didn’t even make it to no.1 on Today Top Hits. If its payola, it must be so cheap!

Support trans Lisa

As everyone says, Hybe is payola. They spend many millions to cheat and get any advantage. Hybe groups are the most inorganic and fake success groups of all time.


love to see blinks cry


Keep crying🤣 Your fav would never touch BTS or BTS member’s success.


It was two versions combined, explicit and clean version. If it’s not combined, the average is still 8m per song and that is still more than #2 that had 6.5m

The instrumental version stream count is separated and that alone had close to 2m streams which is already quite a lot. I know antis are seething with his numbers but his result is consistent in ALL platforms. Which tells me that OP’s fave must only does well in Spotify hence the bitterness.


The difference between explicit and clean ver is only 2M, he still has huge number of stream to reach the top spotify chart. And as long as I remember, spotify also combined other artists’ songs into 1 if they released 2 versions.
Those bitches should try harder to bring jungkook down.


Explicit and clean versions are always combined. Nothing new here lol OP thought they did something. Btw, may I know the streams for explicit and clean? Didn’t see anyone in my tl mentioning it


Kpopies can’t stand the success of BTS as a group and as solo artists, nothing new under the sun. Army enjoys your crying, losers. 


Guess what whatever bullshit ARMYs used to drag other groups is now following by their own privilege fav.
That’s why it is important to not speak




Another wave of bts to smash kpop good bts I’m enjoying they way kpopies crying 🥲😂


fraudkook is getting:
paid youtube ads
paid apple ads
tiktok paid promotion
radio payola,
heavy paid playlisting on spotify,
paid spotify ads and deals
promotional ads (e.g interscope etc)
6 streaming parties by hybe (no member ever got more than 2)

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