Psick University intentionally edited Jang Wonyoung’s thumbnail to look like “FXCK”

‘Psick Unversity’ Jang Wonyoung “FXCK”

The thumbnail is written as Psick, but the letters P, S and I have been cleverly covered up to look like F*CK


Other thumbnails

The reactions of foreign fans

1. What’s so hard about being cautious? The fact that they haven’t taken down the video yet shows there’s something there

2. They are disgusting

3. If you look at the location of the past thumbnails, it doesn’t look like it was intended, but if it’s getting a negative response, they should fix it

4. Looking at the thumbnails of other videos, I know what they are aiming for. They are disgusting

5. There is something wrong if there are reactions to this overseas

6. Don’t let female idols appear on this show ㅠㅠ

7. I saw a comment saying it looked like the word ‘F*CK’ when the video first released

8. The thumbnail is so obvious it was made with intent. I’m annoyed with that so I didn’t watch it

9. Didn’t watch it, but just seeing this shows how low they are. Why did they only edit hers like that?

10. Huh? Why only Wonyoung’s?

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