Purple fandom reached the bottom

Every kpop fans know that one of the most toxic fandom is army’s. Every time when any other group wins awards or reach something incredible in their careers you know  that comments under those posts will be filled whit army’s. And comments will be not very nice . But finally kpop community may start to breathe easier, especially Blackpink , because a lot of people from purple fandom found a new enemy.  And it’s youngest member of the group. A lot of armies have problems whit everything that member is doing . Some people from the fandom has lost self-esteem and openly communicate whit people who insulting member of the group.  For example this army who first openly insulting girl group now doing same whit one of the boys of the group. And it’s looks like some people of this fandom already have reached the bottom because how can you be so cruel towards man who love that fandom whit all his heart. 

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