[Queendom 2 Pre-release] Opening show performances – Cosmic Girls, Kep1er, Hyorin

1. Kep1er is a rookie group and the choreography suits them well

2. What surprises me is that Kep1er is the best

3. Cosmic Girls and Kep1er are so cool, but Hyorin is seriously daebak, her vocals and choreography are crazy

4. Cosmic Girls has a lot of good songs, their stage is so interesting, and the opening song is good too

5. I watched all 6 teams and I think Kep1er’s stage was the best. The kids dance well and have good chemistry

6. Out of the stages revealed so far, Kep1er’s stage is the best and I like Cosmic Girls’ stage too

7. Cosmic Girls is crazy, even their outfits are cool

8. I’m not a fan of any of them, but I watched all the videos, and Kep1er and VIVIZ are teams who prepared well. Last time, VIVIZ was the best, but this time Kep1er stood out the most

9. As expected, Cosmic Girls did so well

10. Wow Kep1er did better than I thought

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