Ranking of K-pop male idols loved by Japanese teenagers in 2023

1 Stray Kids
4 Seventeen
6 Astro
7 Treasures
8 The Boyz
10 Cravity
11 SHINee

1. They really wanted Stray Kids to be #1ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. There are many surveys like this in Japan, all of which are for entertainment purposes only. Looking at the pictures, the standards and numbers are arbitrary

3. But just with the number of reviews, you can tell that BTS, Seventeen and TXT are at the top?

4. I’m surprised that NCT wasn’t there

5. I thought Japan was all about BTS-Seventeen but I was wrong

6. Honestly, the most popular male idols in Japan are BTS and Seventeen

7. Japan always has surveys like that, they do it for fun, so just view it for fun

8. But there are more people who picked BTS and Seventeen so did they get a lot of bad reviews? Why is the ranking like that?

9. It doesn’t look trustworthy

10. This ranking is so weird

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