Ranking of the most downloaded K-pop singer albums in Japan in 2023

1. What’s surprising is that IVE isn’t there

2. As expected from Jungkook

3. Wow, all 3 of Suga’s albums are on the ranking, daebak

4. Stray Kids is so popular, as expected, HYBE has taken over Japan

5. Wow, Stray Kids is so popular in Japan

6. When it comes to the rankings, it seems like the 1st place belongs to either Jungkook or NewJeans

7. Didn’t Jungkook just release his album last month?

8. Wow HYBE is amazing

9. HYBE dominates the Japanese market… but NewJeans hasn’t even debuted in Japan yet

10. Wow, BTS is really amazing, even their solos are crazy

11. HYBE will make a lot of money

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