Red Velvet shocks netizens with their first week album sales

Hul are Red Velvet’s first week album sales for real?

More than 400K copies alreadyㄷㄷ They ranked 2nd in first week album sales among all girl groups in history, they are amazing. There are a lot of posts bashing Red Velvet on Pann, it proves they’re still doing so well..

Everyone should listen to this song, it’s so good

[+327, -59]

1. [+120, -6] Pann is science, if you get bashed on Pann you’ll do so well. It’s not easy for a group in their 9th year to rank #1 on the real-time chart, and sell over 400k copies in the first week.. Red Velvet has a big fandom so they’re one of the groups that will promote for a long time

2. [+102, -8] I was shocked when I saw the top comments saying Red Velvet’s faces are ugly this time. As expected, Pann is science

3. [+84, -10] My friends who are SM fans bought their albums this time because they’re so pretty

4. [+59, -1] But I’m surprised that Pann is the only community bashing Red Velvet’s new song. The other communities all praised Red Velvet this time. I’m really curious why?

5. [+41, -6] Red Velvet’s concept is so strong that they don’t get overshadowed even if their comeback overlaps with other groups. They are amazing

6. [+40, -2] Well, every time they make a comeback, their first week sales go up..

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