Rei, Karina, and Jung Chaeyeon promoting Prada on Instagram wore the same outfit

3 female celebrities promoting Prada on Instagram wore the same outfit


aespa Karina

Jung Chaeyeon

1. Jung Chaeyeon is the best

2. They all have different vibes and they’re all so pretty…

3. I really want to date Karina

4. When Rei wears it, it feels a bit stylish, but when Karina wears it, it feels so feminine, like another outfit

5. Wow, it’s interesting that they all look like they’re wearing different clothes

6. Rei’s body proportions and coordi are crazy

7. Rei is so cool.. How long are her legs..

8. Jung Chaeyeon is so pretty

9. I can only see Karina…

10. Wow, they all look like different clothes

11. All three of them are pretty and their clothes all look different. The same outfit but the feeling will be different depending on the person wearing it

12. That outfit has a very Japanese feel so it’s very suitable for a Japanese girl

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