Renowned video editor proves no plagiarism in Lisa’s song ROCKSTAR

Renowned video editor Jordan Orme, who has worked with Justin Bieber, Kehlani, Tyga, Becky G, Lil Wayne, Megan Thee Stallion, Post Malone, among others, shot down the accusation against Lisa that the haters made on X.

The editor recorded his reaction to the ROCKSTAR video and had nothing but praise. In addition, he especially remarked that the Kendrik Lamar video that the haters used to discredit Lisa is not the same as ROCKSTAR. Although the effect may seem similar, it is not.

The editor show and explain: “Single scene there’s a new editing trick okay that had a whole lot of like humble Kendrick Lamar energy but it’s different, it’s not the same thing.

In the Kendrick Lamar video there’s four cameras right next to each other and they go frame by frame around a circle. In ROCKSTAR, they actually just took each of different ladies that are in the front in the middle and they just match cut each other together right in the middle frame by frame so if we just go frame by frame it’s just a different face while they all saying the lyrics at the same time and then they just move the camera over to Lisa do the same thing again frame by frame just replace somebody’s face. That’s in the middle every single time. Genius. And then, they do that same thing while zooming out and they have to copy some of the ladies here and past them over here so we just have duplicate ladies. That is so cool looking and the we eventually get back to Lisa in the center.”

It is worth noting that before Lamar, other artists also used similar scenes, with or without movement. Thus, any accusations of plagiarism that the haters try to use to discredit Lisa and her team’s work are thrown to the floor.

Haters who emailed the editor of Lamar’s video to convince him that Lisa plagiarised it. However, the editor deleted the stories he uploaded to his account.