Revenue and operating profit of HYBE, SM, JYP, and YG in the first half of 2022


Revenue: 515.2 billion won
Operating profit: 88.3 billion won
Net profit: 93 billion won

Revenue: 184.4 billion won
Operating profit: 19.4 billion won
Net profit: 25.4 billion won

Revenue: 67.8 billion won
Operating profit: 19.2 billion won
Net profit: 16.7 billion won

Revenue: 79 billion won
Operating profit: 9.3 billion won
Net profit: 8.6 billion won

1. JYP is amazing. If I were an investor, I would invest in JYP

2. What’s going on with JYP profits?

3. There are so many employees in YG, why aren’t they working?

4. The usual employees in the entertainment industry are always female, but the executives are still male, right?

5. Well, but only HYBE is profitable in North America?? It’s even higher in Korea

6. JYP is a good choice. Should I buy their stock?

7. The pay gap between men and women at HYBE is crazy

8. Why HYBE has no sales in Japan? They didn’t do an album or concert in Japan??

9. YG has a lot of employees, but they don’t work?

10. JYP did so well.. If BLACKPINK comes back in the second half of the year, YG will make more money

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